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Added: Dadrian Lingle - Date: J,f"'fit Itmkiat Ji. While I Relieve the basic philosophy is sound, there are exceptions. For example: My husband had four affairs. I knew nothing about any of them. I recently fumbled onto the evidence. I wish someone had told! Was she laughing behind my 'back?

Did she feel sorry for me? My advice is still ;MYOB. The following letter might be of interest:! Dear Ann Landers: I am married to a man I am crazy about. We have three children. For years I suspected he was having affairs but had no desire to break up my marriage. I coped by keeping one eye closed and my mouth shut.

He was good to me and the children and 1 had no trouble presenting a smiling face to the world. His current affair dragged on longer than the others. I decided to confront him something I had never done before. To my astonishment he poured out all the sordid details and begged me to forgive him. I fell apart. He wants me to stay and work things out, but the anger and hurt are indescribable. I wish to God he had never told me. Am I crazy because I still love the guy and believe we can have a good life together?

Get some counseling and unload your rage. In my opinion you'd be better off with him than without him. Hang in there and forget the past. Dear Ann Landers: Think you've heard everything? The man lost an arm and a leg as a result of the suicide attempt. It was decided that the motorman had demonstrated negligence in not stopping sooner.

I have decided the world is becoming an open-air insane asylum. Care to comment? Outraged In Westchester Dear Wes: There is more than a little evidence that suggests you may be right. Ann Landers will reply to all questions accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. I'm paranoid that she'll get pregnant repar ' less of what precautions we take. Is there some way Drayton plains MI cheating wives can be certain that we'll be safe? A Yes, don't have intercourse, and remember, a deposit of semen at the opening of the vagina can cause a pregnancy, even if a woman is virgin and has an intact hymen.

Being ready for intercourse includes the willingness tc accept the risk of pregnancy, even when using a good contraceptive. The most effective contraceptives are birth control pills, but of every women who have an active sex life and who rely exclusively on the birth control pill, one will become pregnant in a year's time.

Sexual intercourse is the height of physical intimacy. The levels of psychological intimacy during intercourse can vary. However, another method of expression may be most comfortable for you. People can be psychologically intimate over a telephone. Physical intimacy with some degree of psychological intimacy, even with orgasm, can be expressed by simultaneous petting. Maybe research will help : anti-histamine users with medication' that won't put them in a daze Ql've been using anti-histamines for a case of hay fever, but taking them is almost like using knockout drops.

I don't know whether it's worse to sneeze or to walk around in a daze. Can't anything be done about this condition? A As you indicated, drowsiness is a particularly disturbing side effect of anti-histamine use. Although efforts are under way to remedy the condition, the hay fever patient has few alternatives: Use the anti-histamines and avoid driving or working around machinery that requires alertness; refrain from using any medication and suffer the symptoms of hay fever; or use corticosteroids, which I would rarely recommend and which, in any event, should be done only under; medical supervision.

QYou have commented at various times on how alcohol affects a man's sexual performance, but if you have written about women, I must, have missed it. I'm not talking about a woman who has had a drink, but about; an alcoholic. How is such a woman's! So I was disappointed to see the lobby cafe closed for renova-lions. We had gone only a few feet inside the front door, when we noticed: "The boards are Drayton plains MI cheating wives our looks said to each other. We were shocked this time. Oh, no," said Pamela. The meeting will be held from 1 a. The topic of discussion will be the attitude of students on campus toward prejudice.

Reservations may be made by callingweekdays. Where the heart is, Saturday. Sbbssdeugss Make it your business, every Monday. Ski phi rip Separates fact from fiction, Tuesday. For thought, Wednesday. Fashioned to your tiste, Thursday. We follow your interests all week, starting with business, ending at home. And on Sunday, we offer travel, entertainment, comment, color comics, Detroit Magazine and Parade. There's a little something extra every day in the Dclroil 9xttv I """"" '. Three steps from there led to a dining area, and three others led down to another dining area. There wasn't a ramp in sight.

I went to the registration desk and spoke to the assistant manager. He thought, I'm sure, that he was being polite when he told us that if I went about feet across th; lobby around a corner and past an escalator I wouid find an accessible entrance to the "wheelchair section. Among these guarantees are provisions for equal treatment of handicappers. But am I jealous of Canadian handicappers? I live in Michigan. That's why the three-year delay was required. And each province can pass la'vs and take actions notwithstanding the charter until challenged successfully before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Canadian handicappers, women and others face one more year of waiting for their rights to be constitutionally guaranteed and then will need years to sort out in provincial Drayton plains MI cheating wives and in the courts just what the words of this charter mean. I think the process will be wonderful for Canada and is long overdue. But I live in Michigan.

Michigan has the only barrier-free de law in the nation that is a mandatory part of the state construction code. We have a Handicappers Civil Rights Act and a special education code that is a model for the nation. But before this sounds too smug, let me mention two of the things I heard in Lansing last week.

Kathleen Steele, chief of the Barrier Free De Division of the Michigan Construction Code Commission, said the board heard requests for exemptions, from the construction code access requirements last year. It granted 90 percent of these. The board received only 30 complaints last year, she said. He said all I had to do was go about feet across the lobby around a corner and past an escalator to find an accessible entrance to the wheelchair section of the cafe.

Two quadriplegic MSU students who have difficulty with door locks that require a key have been living without locking their doors when they leave their rooms or sleep. University officials know of the situation, but have spent the academic year to this point arguing whether it is "reasonable" to install a new lock on the door in light of the cost, several hundred dollars. What these two items mean to me is this: Just as Canadian handicappers are going to have to work to make their Charter of Rights meaningful, we have to continue to work in Michigan to make effective the guarantees we have for handicappers.

Housing, education, jobs and access to all of these are worth the effort. Robert Welko p- Helms Ave. Ilreplace, carpeting, oak cabinets. Soft enough to drape like fabric, it gives the foot such beautiful lines. Own it in white, red or natural kidskin. Last week! I Is H1 39 cleans any single sofa, no matter L; how many 1 cushions. Our process is safe and gentle, but yet very thorough. It even brightens co'ors as it works. Think of it this wayw"" would you wear your favorite coat or suit day after day without ever having it cleaned?

Of course not! Well, the same holds true for a sofa V,; that you and your family sit on day after day! Regular professional cleaning helps upholstery look better and last longer. Sectionals and modular "pit" groups also specially priced. We can clean your. Haitian cottons also specially priced. Installation not Included I j j. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Get access to Newspapers. Exclusive d content from premium publishers like the Detroit Free Press Archives through last month Continually updated.

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Woolrich PA cheating wives

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