Women who want sex for free great Levels West Virginia

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Tuesday, September 29, She and her research team found that chain pharmacies—like CVS and Walmart—were more likely than independent ones to keep emergency contraception in stock. Chain pharmacies also made it easier to access and provided more information about its effectiveness. WVU Photo. About 22 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 report having used emergency contraception. But even though the Food and Drug Administration approved levonorgestrel—more commonly known as Plan B—for over-the-counter use for women of all ages in , it's not always easy to get—especially at local, mom-and-pop drug stores.

According to a new study led by West Virginia University researcher Amie Ashcraft , chain pharmacies in West Virginia—like CVS and Walmart—are much more likely to stock emergency contraception than smaller independent pharmacies. It was available at To assess the availability of emergency contraception at pharmacies across the state, Ashcraft and her colleagues trained women in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses at WVU to call pharmacies and—using a planned script—ask if emergency contraception was currently available.

In one call, each woman introduced herself as a researcher and explained that she was gathering information for a study. But reproduction should be a basic part of health that they address. For instance, a pharmacy might keep it under lock and key, requiring customers to ask that the shelf be unlocked. Or a pharmacy employee might say—erroneously—that the customer needs to have a prescription or show an ID to get it.

To gauge how accessible pharmacies made emergency contraception, callers also asked about its location in the store and any restrictions to buying it. Less than half of chain pharmacies— Far fewer independent pharmacies did: just 2. I don't think I'm doing a good job. This is exactly what we want to know. How would you feel if the pharmacy staff hung up on you? It could shut you down. Not only were chain pharmacies more likely to make emergency contraception completely accessible, but overall, they were also more knowledgeable about its effectiveness.

But at independent pharmacies, that rose to 40 percent. Ashcraft and her team are now examining the differences between how pharmacy employees responded to callers who identified themselves as researchers and those who said they were teenagers in need of emergency contraception. You might want to think about that next time' in a judgmental tone. Emergency contraception is the only form of contraception that works after the risk of exposure.

Title: Harder to get than you think: Levonorgestrel emergency contraception access in West Virginia community pharmacies. Last updated on October 8, Search Would you like to search this site specifically, or all WVU websites? Search this site. Search WVU. Buying emergency contraception is legal but not always easy at small, mom-and-pop pharmacies Tuesday, September 29, Ashcraft attributes this disparity—at least in part—to corporate policy.

Women who want sex for free great Levels West Virginia

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