Who are we to question love

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You are loved. If there is one thing you need to remember, it is that. The enemy is constantly attacking our understanding of this. From a place of love everything else flows. This may be a concept we can easily gloss over in the church because it seems so simple, but do we really understand the depths of its importance? If I am being honest, as I write this, I am going through quite a confusing and seemingly barren season.

It has been a year of many disappointments, offenses, losses, change, and unknown. In these kinds of seasons it is easy to generate an abundance of questions. I was selling a piece of guitar gear to a guy on Craigslist who happened to be a man of faith. We ended up praying and talking about life, God, the church and our careers for a long time — totally a Holy Spirit moment. The biggest thing I walked away from that with was a reminder of how much God loves us. God wanted every other question I had to fully surrender to His love. Do we want answers to our questions because we are simply too scared to accept His love as being enough?

Are we striving as servants or are we resting as sons and daughters? In Matthew 22, Jesus outlines the greatest commandment we can ever have:. Notice the theme? More love. If you struggle to love yourself, the standard for how you love others is pretty low. I also love verse 40 stating that everything hangs on these 2 statements.

If you are in a season where you find yourself striving at times, remember this. You could do the greatest, kindest, most seemingly-loving acts in the world, but if your heart is not full of love then it means nothing. God is after your heart, not your actions. Loving actions flow naturally from a loving heart. Everything comes down to the cross.

Your identity is not sinner. It is not flesh. It is not broken. It is redeemed. It is pursued. It is loved sons and daughters. This is an important point to note. I believe one of the greatest deceptions in the church is that there is righteousness and validity found in false humility. It is not arrogant to be at peace with who God has created you to be and have grace for your flaws.

Loving yourself is humbling, and it empowers you to love others greater. Pride is promoting yourself and degrading to others. Do I really love myself right now? How have you learned to better love yourself and love others? Reach out in the comments below! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn shares.

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Who are we to question love

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