What type of drug is rohypnols

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These are drugs that are sometimes used to assist in committing a sexual assault. Sexual assault is any type of sexual activity that a person does not agree to. Because of the effects of these drugs, victims may be physically helpless, unable to refuse sex, and unable to remember what happened.

GHB gamma hydroxybutyric acid , ketamine and rohypnol are the most common date-rape drugs. There are other drugs that affect judgment and behavior, and can put a person at risk for unwanted or risky sexual activity. Alcohol is one of those drugs, and can result in impaired judgment, less ability to protect oneself and blackouts or memory loss. GHB comes in a liquid with no odor or color, a white powder and a pill. Ketamine is a white powder and Rohypnol is a pill that dissolves in liquid. Whether you are at a bar, restaurant or in any public setting, keep yourself and your friends safe by doing these simple things:.

If you are ill or injured, call or go a hospital emergency department for treatment. If you want to report the incident, call the police and preserve the evidence — do not shower, change clothes, or brush your teeth — until you get a medical exam. Your urine can be tested for the presence of sedating drugs. The sooner you get to the hospital, the more likely the drug will be found in your system. Get emotional support and help. There are agencies specializing in sexual assault services in most communities. To be connected with a hour confidential sexual assault hotline near you, call HOPE Date Rape Drugs Fact Sheet.

Department of Health and Human Services What are the most common date-rape drugs? What do these drugs look like? What are the effects of GHB on the victim? Whether you are at a bar, restaurant or in any public setting, keep yourself and your friends safe by doing these simple things: Never leave your drink unattended. Do not accept open-container drinks from anyone but a bartender or server. If you are accepting a drink, make sure it is from an unopened container and that you open the container yourself.

Be wary about accepting drinks from anyone you do not know well or long enough to trust. If you arrive as a group, leave as a group. Watch out for your friends. If a friend shows symptoms of date-rape drug ingestion, seek medical attention immediately. Notify other females you know about the effects of these dangerous drugs. If you think that you have been a victim, notify the authorities immediately. What should a woman do if there is a suspected assault?

What type of drug is rohypnols

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