What men need to know about women

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If you asked me what the perfect word I would use to describe women, I would say that we are nothing short of complex. The average woman personifies a million different roles in a hour period. They are moms, young professionals, best friends to other complicated ladies, stressful students, and the other half of your relationship. When men try to understand women, nothing happens. Often times, women are compared to men, which le to further frustration. What you need to understand is that women are their own special type of being. Yes, they over-complicate things, but they are strong, they are willing, they are caring, determined, and loving, and just about any other adjective in the dictionary all in a period of a hour day.

My goal is to help men try to figure us out. The variety of roles that we play in a day is exhausting. Let her go out, pamper herself, and enjoy being alone, she needs it. One, five, or even 50 years into a relationship, women deserve to feel that sense of giddiness that goes with newness. When men assume that women need to fit into their standard of themselves, women feel nothing but defeat. Trust me, women love attention. When a man shows her how beautiful she is, her world is made. Try and make her feel like she is the best she can be and that the harsh world outside has nothing on her.

It only means that we take into consideration our feelings when making major decisions. Women naturally gravitate to men who are in tune with their emotions and who share their passions about life. If it moves you, let the tears flow. We are not looking to find clear answers or solutions. Wow her the next time she comes home from work.

Even though we may not show it, when you take over the plans for date night, it really demonstrates how much you care. You never know unless you try. When we are explaining our problems to you we are more interested in a friend who listens rather than someone to fix our problems for us. Men who are honest about their feelings or thoughts are more respectable than men who just continue to go with the flow. We would not know otherwise. If you had a bad day in the office, you come home and forget.

If we have a bad day in the office, we find it extremely hard to not let it affect every aspect of our lives. Try and be understanding. Women find it annoying when men constantly bicker about what to wear. We probably know a little bit more about what is considered sensible fashion than you do.

Once or twice is acceptable but after the third time, just stop. We are our own person. We tell them everything and most of time, they were in our lives before the relationship even started. When a man can get along with my friends, it shows a lot about his character. We are fully capable of almost everything you can do. In the midst of a heated argument the only focus on both the minds of men and women is who is right. Just try and drop it. Arguing can ruin relationships. She respects you for working and for your dedication but just know, that what really matters to her, is that you are there.

Learning to leave work at work may be one of the most difficult things to do but is an important thing in your relationship. Women like to feel like their heart is appreciated. Material things will disappear with time, but as your woman grows into her older years, her heart will remain constant, because a good and caring heart is forever. Beauty may fade, but appreciating who she is as a person rather than what she looks like is much more respectable.

A man who can make a woman giggle shows her that he can have fun in the midst of a busy life. Yes, I know as a woman, we do have some traits that make us more complex than our male counterparts, but deep down, all we want is simplicity. We want happiness for the ones we love, specifically, happiness for our children, our friends, our family and for our ificant other.

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What men need to know about women

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7 Things Men Need to Know About Women