Wealthy christians list

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Everyone, it seems, wants to be rich. Can a Christian be rich and still be a real Christian? After all, Jesus was poor. The Apostles were poor. Jesus told the rich young ruler to sell all that he had and give to the poor. Not unreasonably, many people in Cyprus believe that a person cannot be both Christian and rich.

So, while nearly all Greeks think of themselves as Christian, they are also afraid of being real Christians, because no one wants to be poor. The Bible deals a lot with riches. The ideal in Proverbs is a middle amount of wealth. I have learned the secret both of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me Philippians He did not tell them to give all their money away and be poor.

Wealth, according to the Bible, is like fire, good but dangerous. Everyone sees the good, so the Bible warns us about the danger. Danger one: the desire to get rich I Timothy Danger two: worry about money Matthew Danger three: trusting in wealth rather than God Luke Danger four: loving money as your god, when no man can actually serve two masters Matthew Danger five: using your money to oppress other people James , Isaiah , Amos Wise men fear the temptations that wealth brings.

The ideal rich man in the Bible is Job. He never loved his wealth more than God. He used it freely to help others Job But when he lost it all in one day, he still revered God. And after Job had proven his love for God, God made him rich again. So a man can be rich and love God. One can be a real Christian and be rich. But it is not easy, the Bible says, and experience confirms it. The goal of getting rich is a foolish goal.

No one needs to have millions of euros. A wise man prays for his daily bread. Abraham was a rich man. But a man cannot have a life goal of getting rich and be a Christian. The greatest goal the Creator gives to man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. It is not to get rich. One can indeed be rich and be a Christian, but one cannot worship God and Mammon money.

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Wealthy christians list

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