Trapped sisters movie

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Trapped Sisters is a horrifying new Lifetime movie that will air tonight. Trapped Sisters , also known as 12 Feet Deep , and Deep End , chronicles the harrowing story of teen sisters who are trapped under the fiberglass cover of a public pool. Since they were small children, they often competed against each other to see who could swim the fastest. Years later, Jonna and Bree are up for some sisterly fun when they decide to spend the holiday at the public pool.

However, a day of fun turns into complete terror after the pool closes and the fiberglass cover begins to close, trapping the teen sisters inside. They try to break the glass but nothing seems to work. And they believe no one hears their loud screams. The truth is someone is there watching them. Nice movie! Trapped Sisters heightens the fright by bringing the Lifetime Television viewer in on every harrowing moment. Just when it looks like the girls might make it out, their hopes are dashed when it becomes apparent they are trapped beneath , gallons of water with no way out.

Posted by Cheydan Barr on Tuesday, September 30, Cheydan Barr was a year-old woman who became trapped in a pool during a Christmas Day swim in By the time the aspiring nurse and midwife was found during the early morning hours, she had already expired. This is just one incident that I saw had occurred after I wrote the script. He made a similar statement in the Elm interview.

Central on Lifetime Television. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… TrappedSisters pic. She has contributed content to other websites, such as Examiner. Go to mobile version.

Trapped sisters movie

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