The aclu is bad

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Sadly, that is no longer the case. In recent years, the group has retreated from its principles when they clash with trendy left-wing priorities. It fought against racial segregation. And it fought for the free-speech rights of students protesting the Vietnam War. It will not defend the First Amendment rights of pro-life pregnancy centers or small religious businesses. It no longer defends religious freedom, although it once did. For a group founded to help the powerless, this is a repudiation of its founding ideals. Consider the new Title IX rules deed to restore the due process rights of those accused of sexual harassment on college campuses.

The rules are meant to restore protections that were erased under the Obama regime. Under the old rules which remain in effect until August , colleges may expel students based on nothing more than the word of their accuser or even the word of a third party who witnessed nothing. The accused often is denied the right to cross examine , the right to counsel , the right to see the evidence against him or her, and the right to present exculpatory evidence. Because he got there first, she was found guilty of sexual assault and suspended. The new rules restore some due process protections.

The American Civil Liberties Union should be happy. In fact, the ACLU ought to have been fighting for them. Instead, the ACLU is suing to block the new rules. Never mind that under the old rules, men of color are accused and suspended or expelled with alarming frequency. There is no way for the ACLU to explain its decision to fight against due process, except that it has abandoned its principles to advance the trendy partisan agenda of the day. If the American Civil Liberties Union means to become a litigation boutique for such causes, so be it.

But it should be prepared to surrender the goodwill that its long and storied history of integrity has earned it. Heritage Foundation Back to Top. Open Open Search. Domestic Policy Agriculture. Government Regulation. American Founders. Public Opinion. Global Politics. Middle East. Budget and Spending. Social Security. Coal, Oil, Natural Gas. Energy Economics. Nuclear Energy. Renewable Energy. Crime and Justice. Election Integrity. The Constitution. Space Policy. Homeland Security. Marriage and Family. Religious Liberty. Health Care Reform. Public Health. Hunger and Food Programs.

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The aclu is bad

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