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For starters, there are a lot of questions to be answered and you better be good at taking catches: Why are you interested in a swap? Whose idea was it? The mentioned mobile s of people who claimed to have access to one or many underground spouse swap clubs.

We contacted three people. The first person refused to identify himself and grilled us instead. Once he was through, he gave us another cell , belonging to a person who was a member of a wife swap network. He mentioned that he does this networking to help friends and the relationship should not be construed as a pimp-client deal. He insisted on meeting the two of us and told us to wait for his call. The other two s we tried gave similar responses. The two men talked about ing a swap club with an initial investment of Rs 10, Plus, they were not interested in meeting the woman.

It turned out that wives are not allowed at initial meetings where rules are outlined for newcomers. Our first contact did not call for two days and then curtly tried to call off the deal. He insisted we had lied that we had been swapping in the past. The fact that we agreed to meet as a couple gave us away, he said. But then he gave in and invited one of us the man, that is for a meeting on Thursday evening in a restaurant Amber in Connaught Place.

A man in his early 30s walked in and introduced himself. His five friends ed in after half-an-hour after he messaged them to him. The deal was simple. The couple would need to identify their goals, their availability and their acceptability of the norms of the club. Plus, they need to invest some money every time they swap a la the kitty system.

Swaps occur within a game usually, role plays. People are not supposed to discuss anything with outsiders. Cellular phones are banned. The money invested every time can be withdrawn up to 50 per cent anytime after the completion of six months within the club or eighth meetings whichever is less. The next level of screening involves the women and is more of a social affair like a Sunday afternoon lunch party. It is highly unlikely, we were told, that a couple gets to swap the first time. Share Via. A round of five drinks later, the grilling came to an end. We would be called, I was told.

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Swap wife club

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