Smithers guy looking for good times

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This whole video is trash and I fail to understand how anyone with any actual intellect supports it. Well even by watching it your supporting, showing that you don't have any intellect with your contradiction. Mateo Alvarez actually I was watching his old videos and noticed this one and after realising what it was I disliked it.

I feel like this song is for everyone who fell in love with some and that someone doesn't love them back. This song is honestly so beautiful even after all these years I dont see why it has so many dislikes. I hate whoever made ray retire this project this was the best thing in the world back in the day I get so nostalgic full of good memories from when i was younger and happier damn I hate growing up I hate getting older I hate things ending.

I mean its the funniest love song ever. Im happy I can still sing along to this after idek how many years it has been. I legit grew up with YFM and im still waiting for them to come back in maybe? This was the first and one of the only YouTube videos that genuinely made me cry.

I remember ugly crying when I listened to this on repeat. At the time I had a huge crush on someone I never thought I'd get a chance with and it killed me inside knowing he didn't want me. But after a year of being a persistent ass, he finally asked me out in the middle of math class.

I'm still with him and it'll be our 3 year anniversary this October. But now his mom is being a cunt and not letting me get a chance to see him often as before. And yes I remember having this on my freaking MP3 player at the time, which is freaking broken because i sat on my backpack and forgot it was in there and broke it The memories ray has created for a whole generation of middle schoolers im 21 now.

How he was happy to die with him and just put his head on his chest and call it a wrap :'. I don't care how gay you are, being in love with mr. I feel old and sad now watched this on repeat as a kid and just came back to it now. Dan Hoskins what does it mean?? I'm not even joking or anything, I used to unironically get really fucking sad during the car crash part, and I've honestly never even watched the Simpsons before. Hopefully Smithers finds someone who makes him happy some day and then tells Mr.

Burns that he still loves him, but more like a son loves his father. Hey, Mr. You thought your money could buy you the world. I said hey there, Mr. I happen to notice that you don't have a girl. Smithers loves you, Burns. Why do you ignore him? You gotta keep up the rapport like it's too important. Official Tyrecords. Maria Ramirez. Nyes Daddy harder. Mateo Alvarez. Peach Cobbler. LordForquad -. Paradraw Zombie. Red bull Crashes. Supreme Gaming. Rusty Ray gun. Its Monaa. Shiny Cyndaquill. SaPpY IxTa. Bongo Kong. Hidden Shark. Arif Faiz. Ken-G Geirnaert.

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Smithers guy looking for good times

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