Signs of a guarded man

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A lot of woman are guarded for their own reasons, but they are also more open to expressing their feeling. Guys on the other hand, unlike woman are taught from when they are little, to hide their feelings. They are taught to be strong and not show something has affected them. So many guys walk around with these wounds no one knows about. They are secretly guarded, wary of everyone around them. They may appear to be fun loving… They are going to seem like the happiest people you know. They are the ones with a big smile on their face. They are that person that says good morning to you every day.

But their mind is a different story. But inside their he there is no off button. They are constantly thinking and playing out every possible scenario. They are more observant than the average person… They have a keen ability to just watch everything going on around them, saying nothing.

They notice facial expressions, the words people choose to use, all because they are hiding something themselves too, so they can read the s. They listen with a keen understanding of everything. They fear letting people in… They have learned the only person they can rely on is themselves, so they do.

So they might push you away. It might seem like you are getting closer, but then they push you away. They are just protecting themselves… Pushing someone away is a defense mechanism. They do it because they know if someone gets too close, it can hurt them.

But keep trying with them. Because they want to see if they can let you in. Once they realize they can trust you, all these doors will begin to slowly open up. That secret. When they decide to tell you, whatever it is about their past that made them that way, its your job to value that, and just listen. They may appear strong on the outside… To you and the world they seem like superman.

And once you realize what they went through it will only make you respect them more. But on the inside they hide broken pieces. Your only job is to love them, despite the things they lack. Is the best type of man to love. For more work like this, follow our Facebook fan . Menu Search Search for: Search. Enjoy And Share. Please follow and like us:.

Signs of a guarded man

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