Signs he is falling out of love

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There's a difference between a partner who is acting distant because they need some space, and someone who's acting distant because they're falling out of love. But it can be tough to tell the two apart. This is especially true if you're in a newer relationship and haven't yet formed a strong relationship bond.

It's only natural, in that case, to worry that your partner might be losing interest or thinking about ghosting. But it's important not to jump to conclusions, at any stage of a relationship. If your partner is acting odd or distant for days on end and you don't know why, it's much better to talk about it.

You need to know if your partner is unhappy in the relationship, so you can work together to fix it. Also, keep in mind that spending time apart is a good thing. It allows you both to have separate lives, which only helps improve the relationship. There is such as thing as too much space, however, and if it's making you feel insecure or worried, have a conversation with your partner. Here are a few ways to tell if they just need some space , or if they may be backing away, according to experts. If you two are great communicators, your partner will likely be honest when they need some space.

But if they feel nervous about it, they may resort to picking little fights in order to push you away. Tessina says. It may not be the healthiest way of getting space, but it may be the only way they can think to get it in the moment.

By making it clear that it's OK to spend time apart — even if it's just for a few hours — they won't have to go to such great lengths. If this happens every now and again, it's likely they're just taking a break from their phone, and need a little space. But if it's continues, feel free to talk about texting expectations, and ask them what's going on if they take days to respond. You two can work out a plan, so that no one feels overwhelmed — or ignored. While it can be concerning that your partner suddenly wants to stay late at work, don't jump to conclusions here either.

If they do this every now and again, that's OK. But if it becomes a pattern, take time to talk about it and set up a healthier plan to ensure both your needs are being met going forward. There are a million and one reasons why your partner might be more withdrawn emotionally, with one of them being they simply need some space. If you notice that they're quieter than usual, it's fine to just let them be, and not talk about it.

But if you notice your partner turning inward on the regular, you may want to create a plan so they can get the downtime they need. If all your partner needs is a little space, they'll likely go ahead and say so. This is something people do when they're comfortable with their partners, and feel secure enough to ask for what they need. The fact they're being straight up about it is a good thing, and a healthy habit you can both continue going forward. If your partner is backing away or falling out of love , they'll probably stop making the relationship a priority.

When it's just about needing space, a partner will assure you that all is well, and you'll both be on the same about how much time you'd like to spend together. When someone is backing away, however, they're more likely to pull back without a word, and start doing their own thing. In a similar vein, a partner who is thinking about leaving may start by avoiding you, as well as any subject that touches on your needs, or theirs. Instead of saying "I need some space" or "I'm stressed out," they may just disappear for a few days, or seem cold and distant with zero explanation. If you have reason to believe this, it's best to talk with them.

Someone may be a bit cranky if they're requiring alone time and not getting it. But a partner who is falling out of love will likely have a much more drastic mood shift. While everyone's entitled to a bad day, a partner who is falling out of love may become consistently unenthusiastic regarding all things relationship. They may also lack enthusiasm if you try to broach the subject, and show few s of wanting to resolve the situation. When that happens, it may be healthiest to just move on. It's OK for your physical affection to wax and wane over time. That said, if you notice a trend where your partner is withholding affection, definitely talk about it.

These may be clues to what your partner is thinking, but it's important to keep a healthy perspective. Jill Murray says. If you've thought it over and still feel concerned, the only way to know for sure is to ask your partner — and see if you're both still on the same . By Carolyn Steber.

Signs he is falling out of love

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