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Single or in a couple, sex shops in Florida cater for a wide range of people. From those who are looking for performance enhancing aids like pumps and supplements to those looking to spice up their sex life. In this Florida Sex Shops Guide , we bring you a complete list of the most popular adult stores in the state. Some stores specialise in kinky fetish wear whilst others sell a basic range of bedroom essentials, lingerie and novelty items. One of the most famous adult stores in the world. LoveHoney has sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear, lubes and some of the biggest brands at discount prices.

We-Vibe stocks the most advanced sex toys on the market today. From interactive vibrators to award-winning fleshlights and sleeves. Level up your self-pleasure game. Massive savings on sex toys. Eligible to Florida customers. Deal refreshes daily. According to a recent survey conducted by Bespoke Surgical, the most common item purchased in the Sunshine State is the dildo and almost all sex shops in Florida stock this humble accessory.

There are hundreds of adult entertainment stores in Florida from Jacksonville to Miami and plenty of cities in between. Sitting in the north of the state, Alachua is home to almost , people. It is a culturally diverse county and is well known for its music and artisan scene. Sitting to the far northwest of Florida, Bay County is best known for its beach life and is a popular tourist location.

The county has a healthy population of almost , people. The second-largest county in Florida, Broward is situated on the south-eastern coast, just north of Miami. It is home to a population of around 1. It has a population of around , people with just a handful of sex shops in the area. The county seat of Punta Gorda and the popular retirement city of Port Charlotte.

Unsurprisingly known for its citrus trees, the county seat of Inverness in this small county on the western coast of Florida is the only place you will find an adult store. Situated in the south of Florida and famous for being a part of the Everglades National Park, Collier County is home to around , people.

The coastal plains of Duval County can be found in the north east of Florida with a population nearing a million people. Most of the county live in and around Jacksonville City and you can find over a dozen adult entertainment stores in this area. A popular tourist destination, the city has a small population of just 55, people but you can find several adult stores in the city.

Hernando County sits to the north of Tampa and lies directly west of Orlando. The fourth most populous county in Florida, Hillsborough lies on the Gulf Coast and is home to the popular tourist destination of Tampa. Though the county is only home to a population of around 1. Situated on the western coast of Florida, lying to the south of Sarasota and above Naples, Lee County is a centre of tourism for the state.

The population is just , but cities like Fort Myers alone can double this figure with their visitor s. Popular resort cities like Bonita Springs and Cape Coral are also popular tourist destinations and you can find adult stores in all three cities. One of only a handful on inland counties in Florida, Leon can be found in the north of the state and borders the state of Georgia. Famously home to the Florida State University, the city is the largest in the panhandle region and is a vibrant and young area with plenty of arts and culture venues.

With Tampa to the north and Sarasota to the south, it is little surprise that Manatee County is also a popular tourist destination. The county seat of Bradenton is known for its arts and cultural scene as well as historical preserves, parks and museums.

Bradenton has a population of just 55, people and is the largest city in Manatee County. With a population of 2. The fourth largest urban area in the U. It is a major hub for tourism in Florida and attracts around 16 million visitors each year.

Miami has plenty to offer its residents and guests including glamorous beaches, vibrant nightlife and historical buildings. Monroe County is famous for its Keys and being a part of the Everglades. It is home to a small population of 74, people. Another small county, Nassau sits in the north-eastern corner of Florida and is home to just 80, people. The largest city is Fernandina Beach which is also the county seat. There is just a single sex shop in the area which can be found in Fernandina Beach.

Situated in the north-west of the state, Okaloosa borders Alabama to the north and extends to the Gulf of Mexico. With a population of around , people, the county is known for its United States Air Force bases, fishing and coastal communities. You can find half a dozen adult entertainment stores in Orlando supplying a range of essentials and novelty items for the bedroom. Ading Orange County, Osceola has a population of around , people, most of whom live in the county seat of Kissimmee.

The third most populous county in Florida, Palm Beach County is home to around 1. Incorporating the popular coastal resort communities of Palm Springs, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, the area is noted for its creative and tranquil culture. The county sits to the north of Miami and enjoys a lot of tourism. You can find sex shops around Palm Beach with the majority being situated in the county seat of West Palm Beach.

Pasco County has a population of around , and is considered a bedroom community for Tampa. There are several cities in the county, mostly residential or retirement areas. You can find a handful of adult entertainment stores in the area with most being located around along the Gulf Coast in Holiday, Hudson and Port Richey. Petersburg and Largo It is a small county but is one of the most densely populated areas of Florida with more than 3, people per square mile. The county attracts a lot of tourists with its powdery white beaches, crystal blue seas and vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Most of Pinellas entertainment can be found in St. Petersburg and it is here that you will find most of the areas sex shops. North of Orlando and south of Jacksonville lies the inland county of Putnam. It is known for its sinkhole lakes, creeks and riverside communities. It is home to a small population of under 75, people with the county seat of Palatka having around 12, residents. You can find a sex store in East Palatka. Situated on the Gulf Coast, Sarasota County is a small area of around square miles with a community of , people.

Located just north of Orlando, Seminole County has a population of around , people. It is known for its county seat of Sanford which has a marina, lakefront walking trail and Downtown shopping area. Johns County has a population of around , people. The county seat of St. Augustine is one of the oldest European settlements in the country. With a population of around , people, St. Both have adult entertainment stores.

Situated north of Tampa and west of Orlando, the inland county of Sumter has around , residents in its square mile area. Made up mainly of small city retirement communities, the county has the oldest median age Volusia County is famously home to the mecca of motorsports, Daytona Beach. Covering an area of 1, square miles, this large county is home to over half a million people and is a popular tourist destination. You can find half a dozen adult stores in the county with most being situation in Daytona. Featured image via Flickr.

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Sex shop south florida

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