Sanaa lathan engaged to steve rifkind

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Search this site:. We spoke to a particular source who knows Steve intimately. And said source alleges Steve purposely uses black women in the industry for sex and simply because he can. Steve's relationship with Sanaa caused a stir as folks around the net were surprised those two would even be a match. But our source tells YBF they're not surprised: "He's very shady. He gets with several black women. That's just his thing. Well we found out that his former girlfriend is well known publicist Sari Baez pictured above with Steve --Dir.

And we're told that the two dated for 2 years--while Steve was married! Except the divorce never happened, so Sari finally broke it off last year. Even worse--Steve's wife Nicole who is also black filed depositioned Sari 5 times to testify during their divorce proceedings once she found out about his cheating. We've got the proof and more under the cut Despite divorce papers and these types of deposition papers being filed, Steve kept postponing.

Our source reveals: "Steve's wife didn't even know [he and Sari] were together at first. He even moved Sari into his and his wife's NYC apartment! His offices were in New York. So he played both women telling Sari he was only going to see his kids when he spent weekends back home in Palm Beach. And he was telling his wife he had to 'go do some business' when he left for NYC to be with Sari.

Steve and his wife have been separated for almost 6 years and are still not divorced. They have 6 year old twins and a 12 year old son. Watch out Sanaa View the discussion thread. Black woman are the biggest hypocritical self-hating sellouts ever. Sanaa and the other sellout black bimbos ought to be ashamed of themselves. I bet Sanaa would condemn black male rapper's usage of women as sexual objects in the same breath -- then go open her legs to the white man pulling the strings along with the other "strong soul sistas.

Black women hate the stereotype of black men lusting over the sexual fantasy of white women but CHOOSE TO BE cluelessly ignorant to the fact they could be the object of the white man's sexual fantasy. Innocent interracial love right? Do you think they would give a sh! Wake up sistas! BW are so stuck-up, desperate, miserable, bitter and brainwashed by white men that they are even more stereotypical and hateful toward blk men than everyone else..

Black women straighten, dye, put weave in their hair, contacts in their eyes — Then b! Grow up and get over yourselves sistas! Light-skinned sistas get over all day choosing the shallow, airhead life of a clueless white woman. Then sistas try and use the same lame excuse that there are no good brothas when sistas like Halle, Sanaa, Paula Patton, Rasario Dawson, Zoe Saldana all pretty light-skinned girls sellout and get white men..

I'm sure no good blk men want Halle and Sanaa right?? If your an attractive black woman and you can't find a good black man, your a moron or a b! Grow up! She whores herself out to a white man who is responsible for the exploitation of black woman as slutty sex objects?

to post comments. I usually don't comment. Instead I just laugh at others comments. I find it funny that since this guy is a white male most of the comments under this heading don't want to make it a racial issue. Most of you commenting on this board are Black Women, and your making an excuse for this white male, because you are taught that the white male is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Seeing this guy act in this matter rebutts what you've been taught. So you want to just call him a "Dog" in general, but not bring up his race. I said that to say this. Had this heading been about a black male, it would of been. It would of been unlimitted what would of followed after black men. You all know thats the truth. White women the same way. Black men are these physical specimens that they want to taste until trouble comes, then they want to remember that their white. We are the only people that want to run to another race as our saviors when something goes wrong in our communities.

All other races stick together. A Take a look at the Jews, who face the next biggest trajedy next to slavery. Jewish people banned together and are some of the richest people walking the earth. Don't do it cause u want an exotic baby, or cause u want vengence on a black man, do it because you truly found something special with that person.

All these women complaining about white men "preying upon them", get over yourselves, you are not that special everyone is trying to exploit u. Men prey on women, period, color has nothing to do with it. They're predators and its intrinsic to their nature. Only the WEAK allow themselves to become the prey. Can we stop the obsession with skin color?

How are race relations in this country ever going to progress when we assume we know everything about a person based soley off their skin color. King's dream is lightyears away from being realized. You all are making yourselves look too easy, and you are causing many black men to hate you. Black women talking about dating IR on every website on the damn internet. Hell, it is just easy ass for them.

They screw black women and then go right back to marry someone of their own ethnicity. I see it all the time in the state of California. These same black women are carrying around these beige kids running after brothas afterward--who in turn dog them out too for that very reason. Then they can't keep a man of any race; because many of the brothas aren't going to marry the women who do that stuff.

They always think that black men are going to be around if the chips are down, only to be dogged by black men too afterward. Black men are not going to marry black women who think this way; they will use them, and many of these women are left with NOBODY. If black women wanted to date IR, they should have done it without all of this bullshit pomp and fanfare; that way, nobody would have really cared. They are turning black men off, and other men see them as an easy piece of ass. Holding seminars in LA to date a damn white man?

I mean come the hell on? Do you all want a white or non-black man that DAMN bad? My goodness!! Don't some of u women get tired of "being" or portraying y'all selves as the ultimate victim? I know I get sick of hearing it, there's always "someone" trying to prey on you. Reminding myself to practice what I preach: Girl yes that bitch did say that. And if you saw the nasty looking white chick he married! Looked like a straight meth head. Dude was begging to eat me out on his lunch break. Well, you can thank black women for that, because if you all weren't going all over the place broadcasting this something new garbage, and trashing black men everywhere, other men wouldn't think this stuff about black women.

I don't understand how this is using?

Sanaa lathan engaged to steve rifkind

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