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Searching for the best Sacramento sex clubs, sex parties, and swingers clubs? The of Sacramento sex events has definitely gone down slightly recently, but there are so many great events and spots to hit up, that you'll find no problem filling your free time with lots and lots of sex, no matter what you're into.

The swingers club scene in Sacramento is a little bit more intimate than some of the other cities that we've visited, but we found that that often increased the enjoyment of the club members. You won't find massive sex clubs with huge sex parties playing host to hundreds of people wearing masks, and having sex to headache-inducing dance music. Instead, you'll get to know the people that you're hooking up with, and enjoy your surroundings a little bit more because Sacramento swingers clubs are some of the most charming that we've come across in our research.

It helps us better understand why things happen the way they do, and why certain types of sex or kinks might be more popular than others in any given city. The sex club history of Sacramento is a strange case in that it keeps itself hidden for the most part. We suspect that this is because there are many conservative people still living in Sacramento, even though the NorCal region is largely thought of as a sexually adventurous region of the United States.

There have been many Sacramento Swingers Clubs forced to close their doors in recent years due to the economy, but the fact remains that Sacramento is an incredible spot to have a good time. Her visit to Gold Club Centerfolds in Rancho Cordova were so popular that the club had to add a show after the first sold out. Sacramento is a bit of a weekend city for the most part. There are definitely lots of hot spots to visit from Sunday to Wednesday, but if you're looking to go whole-hog, and see the full extent of what Sacramento's sex parties have to offer, you're going to have to take it easy during the week, and be ready to spend the whole night out at clubs, bars, and hopefully hotel rooms to end the night.

The Sacramento sex club community is a bit more grassroots than you might be used to as well, so be sure you're ready to be friendly with people that you meet at the clubs, because those are the people who are going to get you into the more exclusive sex parties that you really want to get into. So perhaps going out earlier in the week and making a few friends isn't the worst idea in the world. After you've had some fun, you can tell them what a great time you had, and how you didn't expect a Tuesday night to bring it so hard , but say that you were wondering if they knew of any super exclusive Sacramento swingers clubs or sex parties that you should be trying to get into for the weekend.

If you've done your job well, they'll invite you along to the more exclusive spots. Here's the sex clubs directory that we promised. There's all that you need in the links below to ensure that you have a great time while you're in Sacramento, and leave the city completely spent. Don't forget to check out other sex event and club directories on Swinger. After you've enjoyed the best that Sacramento has to offer, check out some sex clubs in other cities around the US. If this was your first time going on a vacation and taking advantage f the city's sex clubs and swingers parties, welcome to a whole new world, where your vacations will never be boring again.

You're going to find yourself packing fewer books to read with each new sex vacation that you go on. So long as you have your phone, laptop, or tablet, and a tab open to Swinger. We think that if you enjoyed the Sacramento sex events scene , you'll probably love what they have going on in Portland.

It has a very similar grassroots feel to it, which is perfect for swingers who aren't looking to swap partners amongst a huge crowd of hundreds of people. The intimate and smaller scale scene is going to suit you quite well. So head over to Swinger. Toggle . The Suite Life. Blondie's Delight. Poly Urban Studios. The Bolt. Illuminati Swingers Club. The Erotic Garden Party. Sac Buddies. Sacramento Sex Clubs. The Suite Life Type. Parking available, all major credit cards accepted, membership required, outdoor smoking area available. The Suite Life is a great private swingers club that has been around for over 20 years.

One of the main reasons for their success is their strict screening process, which allows them to keep the quality level of their members very high. Their main venue features a big dance floor, Sybians, and lots of playrooms with gear for swingers interested in BDSM play. Send them an e-mail today to get your membership -up rolling. Blondie's Delight Type. The warm and inviting atmosphere and membership make this one of the best Sacramento swingers clubs to hit up. The fact that they're LGBT-friendly is an addd bonus, and says a lot about how wonderfully run and hosted their parties are.

Check out the glowing reviews on their website, where attendees say that they were invited into their VIP bedroom and made to feel like a pornstar. If you're looking for a Bay area swingers club , don't skip Blondie's Delight.

Poly Urban Studios Type. Private address given out upon ing up for a membership though check the website for an approximation on a Google Map. Poly Urban Studios is a very interesting space because while it is part swingers club, it's not your typical one. It also offers itself up as a place to just come and socialize with other likeminded individuals, and partake in activities like watching movies, or listening to music, that you might do with your regular friends. Its dedication to inclusion and good vibes makes it a true standout in the Sacramento sex clubs scene. Though their current space isn't the biggest around, they're in the process of expanding, and opening a new venue near El Camino and Del Paso, which will be much larger, as well as offer an outdoor space which we think will really suit the vibe of the club.

The club has a strict no drugs policy, but allows alcohol to be brought and consumed by members. Allures is a really exceptional sex club that is mostly for swingers, but allows singles sometimes as well. In addition to a wide selection of group playrooms, they also offer private suites for couples who want to get away from the membership at large. Even better than that, is they have hotel rooms that you can book for the night if you're having too much fun with another couple or even just your partner , and you want to keep it going through the night.

The club has recently begun to host more offsite events, and there are reports that their main location may be closing permanently, so check in before you go. They also sometimes organizes resort vacations for members who're looking to hookup in a more exotic location. You never know, maybe your next vacation will be one of Allure's swingers getaways. The reviews look fantastic. The Bolt claims to be Sacramento's only Leather, Cowboy, and Bear bar, and we couldn't find another bar like it, so we're going to take their word for it.

The Bolt is a really chill bar full of great people, who happen to mostly be hot leather daddies, cowboys, and bears. While there isn't any sex to be had in the bar area, their bathrooms have certainly been known to be used as hookup spots if you meet someone that you just can't wait to get your hands on.

We're happy to let you know that their bathrooms are very clean, and you won't think twice before getting a little frisky in them. Illuminati Swingers Club Type. Illuminati used to have a larger web presence but has since gone underground, so e-mail them for the details on their next Sacramento swingers party. Their parties are very well known in the NoCal swinging community, and are typically held at a Sacramento hotel. If you're looking for a swingers party where it's almost guaranteed the club won't put your photo up on their website, since they don't have one, this could be the spot for you to try out.

The fact that it's so well-known, but also so mysterious and off the grid, has us very curious. The Erotic Garden Party Type. The party is invitation only, but if you've lost or "lost" your invitation, text Invitations to Erotic Garden Party are not the easiest invites in the world to get, so your best bet is probably going to be going to another swingers club on this list first, and chatting up other attendees, and finding someone who is a member of the club. That may seem complicated, and more trouble than its worth, but these are great parties, and especially their Halloween season parties go all out with the decorations, which make for a super spooky and incredibly sexy Sacramento swingers club experience.

The difficulty of getting an invite to one of their parties is perhaps daunting, but once you get one, you can make a great impression and keep going back for more. It'll be well worth it. Sac Buddies Type. Parking available, all major credit cards accepted, membership required, open 7 days a week.

We love having a good time, but make sure to get tested frequently if you're having potentially risky sex with multiple partners. Knowing that that's important to Sac Buddies should let you know something about the quality of the venue. Their facilities are spotless, and the themed parties that they throw are some of the wildest bathhouse sex parties we've ever even heard of. They have enough private rooms and play spaces that even on their busiest days or nights, it isn't a problem finding someone to hook up with or finding a spot to do it in.

So even if you're only able to stay for a quickie, head over to Sac Buddies, rent a locker, and have a blast We couldn't end this directory any other way but than to put CumUnion on your radar. They're a gay sex party group that puts on some of the best Sacramento sex parties we've ever seen. This might be the closest Sacramento sex event to the loud dance and sex party that we said wasn't common practice in Sacramento.

Sacramento sex clubs swinging

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