Richmond strip bar

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The case, filed in the U. A partner at Virginia and Ambinder, Lusher is representing Hannah Cramer and other dancers in the class action suit. The lawyer says the Richmond case is not dissimilar from other strip club labor cases she and her firm have fought and won.

In an , Edinger explains that courts put the burden on club owners, not performers, to prove labor claims are false — which can create problems for an industry that has a history of skirting paperwork in exchange for financial gain. Edinger also points to the irony of dancers seeking W-2 employment status. For some dancers, that might not be the best long-term decision. One woman familiar with the financial gain is Nia Burks. A retired dancer, she spent a decade in and out of Richmond clubs and earned the money to prove it. But she also saw wage abuse, among other abuses, first-hand.

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Richmond strip bar

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