Red flags online dating

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My therapist recently described to me that she thinks of dating apps as meeting apps. When she said it, a lightbulb went off. But if I look at dating apps as simply meeting people, I have a lot of power in who I choose to continue relationships with. Once I stopped focusing on trying to please everyone I matched with on a dating app, I set some ground rules. These 20 red flags are a hard swipe left. If your partner of five years had every single one of these in their bio and you live in a happy relationship, I am so glad for you.

These are simply from my experience on dating apps seeking out men and women for approximately six years that was painful to say. Time and time again, we get ourselves in situations we could have prevented if we stuck to our guns. Sounds like a sexist to me. So… you want a man? If you have the audacity to show your racism, homophobia, fatphobia, xenophobia, etc. Making loving something that everyone on Earth loves your entire personality sets you up for failure. Saying you love The Office tells me absolutely nothing about you.

Dating apps have been around for a decade at this point. Yet again, The Office people are not my vibe. I would like to never be compared to Pam Beasley for as long as I live. Make it make sense. Heck, I dated a guy for two years, and I never followed his Instagram that might be a me problem though. There is a reason we stopped messaging—let it be.

Talking to someone on a dating app is, frankly, time-consuming and a little daunting. You want to find a mate! Of course, some awkwardness will ensue. However, I cannot simply be responsible for carrying an entire conversation on my back. To me, it shows that you believe dating apps are strictly about looks because how am I supposed to know anything about you if all I see are a couple of pics of you?

Now I have to ask if I want to know anything about you? If they look like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, they just might be. Sounds fishy. April 15, Log In Good to see you again.

Red flags online dating

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Stay Away From These 29 Online Dating Red Flags