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Peabody Massage Therapists Ready to Help. Seacoast Medical Massage 5. I am a Medical Massage Therapist. This means that instead of giving you an all-over-feel-good rub, I focus on relieving specific, usually medical, conditions of pain and other conditions. I use no drugs or surgery or needles or cracking, just precise, gentle muscle movements.

I use no oils nor creams, my patients are fully clothed, and treatments are usually less than 20 minutes. Not only that, but treatments can now be done remotely. View Profile. Serves Peabody, MA 21 years in business. Request a quote View Profile. My service stands out for the quality of service that I provide my clients for the excellence in service and to get to know you have to first call me for a first massage and then draw your conclusions.

Serves Peabody, MA 2 years in business. I'm a strong, energetic, compassionate, and outgoing woman who is as genuine as they come. MY main purpose is to not only provide my services and treatments but to bring a better quality of life to others. While being safe during this unfortunate time ,id like to make you forget with one of the many amazing techniques I was trained for. With the many benefits my hope is to bring a positive change for you! Originally, I got into this profession because of its holistic approach in treating pain. Mainly because I watched as my mother suffered in pain for many years, only to be given prescriptions for the symptoms.

Serves Peabody, MA 1 year in business. My business is small, quite and well versed in the beauty and spa industry. I let my clients tell me their main areas of concern and from there we are able to customize the treatment.

Serves Peabody, MA 5 years in business. Holistic, intuitive massage services that focus on finding a healing balance of techniques to create a beneficial massage that is productive but not painful and geared towards finding the source of discomfort to help aid the body in the healing process. Serves Peabody, MA. Intuitive Touch Massage 4. I have been practicing for 14 years I have many positive reviews on Yelp as well as other sites I work with people according to their pain level and I incorporate many many techniques such as copying trigger point therapy warm Stone in CBD cream I listen to my clients and I help them to gain relief from physical pain as well as relaxation.

Serves Peabody, MA 9 years in business. Ethical Massage And Rehabilitation 5. I am respectful regarding people's trauma recovery and nervous system rehabilitation. My massages often include a soft sheet over the client for the majority of the massage or in the body areas of vulnerability My routines for the lower back, neck, face, ears, feet and hands are what stands out in my massage.

I also have great stamina and stability. This allows me to do Deep Tissue and Thai bodyweight massage for 90 minutes. Benjamin Sanchez, LMT 5. Benjamin Sanchez provides the highest quality massage and muscular therapy services, helping you achieve a higher state of well-being and improved life outlook, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated, and better off than when you arrived -- whether it be assisting healing of an injured muscle, providing muscular stress relief with stretching techniques and massage, or providing general relaxation.

Ben has been practiting massage professionally since and looks forward to helping you find a better and healthier you. Cari Skin Care 5. I am a d esthetician with 30 years experience and also d Massage therapist. Serves Peabody, MA 32 years in business. Me Time Wellness Center 5. I am a male therapist in my 50s. I am inspired by the Esalen movement of the s. I am attracted to its free and uninhibited characteristics. I try to stay present with my clients, react to their breathing patterns, and use long, flowing strokes to treat the body as a whole rather than a collection of individual parts.

I firmly believe that a relaxed body and a quieted mind set the optimal stage for natural healing. Serves Peabody, MA 4 years in business. These masseurs specialize in posture and spinal rehabilitation, using technologically advanced techniques.

This pro does one of the best deep tissue massage in Salem. They also have chair massage to offer their private and business clients. Serves Peabody, MA 16 years in business. Massage Envy Boston North Station 5. If you're searching for a certified sports massage therapist, check out Massage Envy Boston North Station. This pro offers sports, pregnancy and swedish massage.

This pro also offers chair massage, postural re-education, and exfoliating scrubs. Serves Peabody, MA 7 years in business. Hands Of Energy 4. I offer Massage Reiki healing and Energy work. Total body treatments for high performance of our full body mechanics. I remove stagnant and negative energy full and short term healings.

I am a Christian. Spiritual healings and treatments can be performed as well. A Massage Therapist works with muscle. I work with full Tri-pod being. May the joy of the Lord be with. Serves Peabody, MA 10 years in business. Elements Massage 5. At Elements Massage of Burlington our team of 14 state d massage therapists will individualize your session so that it is the most relaxing and regenerating part of your day.

Haute Stone 5. We offer table and chair Massages and all increments of time. We cater to providing a service close to you and having a spot available at your leisure. We come to you any space big or small, we can fit in a session just give us a call!

The Elements massage therapists in Salem listen to your needs and employ the proper techniques to deliver a truly therapeutic experience. We invite you to experience the rejuvenating benefits of massage therapy today and discover the positive effect it can have on your body and your well-being. Therapeutic massage is a medically proven method for supporting your health and wellness.

Sea Grass Therapies - North Andover. This beautiful and relaxed setting, coupled with our ocean inspired treatment, will fill you with a sense of well-being. us for a relaxing hour or half a day of restorative massage treatments that will leave you worrying less and stress-less. We guarantee our experience, ongoing and extensive training, and keen sense of what is needed will leave you renewed and refreshed. Serves Peabody, MA 11 years in business. Bodily Kne Inc.

This massage therapist offers a wide selection of relaxation and healing massages ranging from light touch to deep tissue massage. They are available whenever you need assistance. This professional is medical practitioner who offers prenatal massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine, among others.

This expert is among the best massage therapists who have been providing quality services for many years. They offer relaxing treatments that help clients feel rejuvenated. They do chair, sport, mini-hand and foot massage, among others. They have d massage therapists who do relaxation massage, full body massage and more. Spirit Renewal Center. Loosen up those tense muscles using therapeutic massage therapy by Tiffany Fisher. Let the healing hands of this masseur engage your ts and muscles with the right movements.

This expert massage therapist handles myofascial release, deep tissue work, neuromuscular technique and more. The right call will help relieve pain and reverse the negative effects on your body. All they care about is pleasing their clients. This pro does deep tissue, sports, swedish and prenatal massage. Serves Peabody, MA 8 years in business.

Jennifer Edmunds Massage. I believe that massage therapy is the best remedy for many things. Not just for the stressed, sick or injured, but for people dealing with the everyday stresses in life, as well. My desire is for the people who I touch to be affected in a positive way, bringing balance and healing in ways that medicine cannot.

People do not often take time for themselves. Massage is all about the person on the table and my priority is to tailor each massage session for the unique individuality of that person. I couldn't be happier doing what I do, I truly love my job! I am a massage therapist, I work with various massages, from lymphatic drainage, massage for chronic pains, relaxing massage only with hands, hot stones or bamboo therapy, I also work with sports massage.

I'm a professional and I demand a lot of respect. So Zen Spa. We offer all the services of a traditional day spa with the added benefit of providing the treatment in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or any other location. No more long waits, dented manicures and wasted time in traffic. The convenience of having multiple services come to you gives you more peace of mind and makes for a stress-free experience, allowing you to more fully relax. Our spa technicians are skilled and passionate about their work. Our satisfaction comes from providing our customers with the great service in the msot convenient way possible.

Serves Peabody, MA 6 years in business. I have been a d massage therapist for 15 years I go above and beyond to provide my clients w what they need I am very good with relieving the shoulder from adhesions that accumulate from being at a desk on a computer all day, or a lot of travel!! I listen to my clients about just how much pressure is perfect for them. I specialize in people w chronic swelling and LYMPedema but do all modalities of massage!!! Serves Peabody, MA 17 years in business. Massage For Men. I have been working with the male body for 20 years, and have experience in working with the unique needs of clients of each age and physical condition from 20's thru 90's!

Most guys try me because of my experience and broad range of skills, and my partcular attention to providing both the experience of massage you are expecting and my goal of exceeding your expectations.

I am professionally d in Massachusetts. I also taught both techniques and science in two professional massage schools for over 10 years. Serves Peabody, MA 24 years in business. With over 2, hours of education and 17 plus years as a body worker, I am able to provide a wide range of massage techniques, cupping, CranioSacral Therapy including brain work and concussion relief , Reiki, energy work and stretching. You and your body should receive what you need then, not a cookie cut With a focus on not just relaxation but also functionality of your body and healing.

We not only work with your physical body Muscles and Myofacial tissue but your energetic body as well Meridian lines using techniques like reiki and craniosacral massage. Movement is also incorporated into ever massage to help with flexibility and range of motion.

Peabody massage peabody ma

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