Orbit baby g2 stroller travel system

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Each time we get pregnant, at some point I realize we need an infant car seat and stroller. So I head to Babies R Us and end up feeling completely overwhelmed and frozen with indecision. Remember the plaid phase? We ended up buying an Eddie Bauer Vector stroller three-wheel style and car seat.

It was actually really easy to use — easy to fold the stroller, easy to snap the car seat in and out of both the car base and the stroller, and the large wheels made for easy strolling over all kinds of terrain. But the back wheels were so wide it drove me bonkers when I went to any stores. When Cate grew out of the system, I sold it and for almost the same amount I bought it for.

For Anna, I bought a used Peg Perego system it was practically new, great condition. I had a few friends who literally gushed over their Peg Perego car seats and strollers, so I thought I would love it. AT ALL. In fact, the whole time we used it I was wishing I still had the old Eddie Bauer system. It was nearly impossible to snap the car seat into the stroller without a major struggle, it was not very easy snapping it into the base in the car, and folding and un-folding the stroller was a pain in the patootie.

Enter pregnancy 3. With no car seat or stroller in sight, I was going to just get the Graco Metrolite or Chicco systems, keep things simple. But then I decided it would be fun to do a review or two on the blog and actually try out some strollers and car seats that I would want to use, based on research. They provided me with a Stroller Travel System G2 to review and use with our new baby. Orbit is based in the Bay Area, so I had the chance to meet them at their offices, where they gave me a tour of my new travel system.

First impression — parents deed this system. There are so many little things that only a parent would have thought of that are incorporated into the de. To name a few:. I almost want to have another baby after seeing this stroller. But only if it could be a girl. Dang, strollers have come a very very long way since I had babies. It was all Winnie the Pooh and checkers when my babies were little.

It feels a little naked to me — like it woke up and forgot to put its pants on before grabbing the baby and heading out the door. Oooo, that is awesome. Love the swivel, the under carrier, and that it would hold my 3 year old, who is still under 30 lbs! I have been looking for a good double stroller. Any suggestions? Lovely photos of a lovely sounding system! OKAY, how many slashes can I have here?

My comment is starting to look like a URL. If I ask pretty please can I borrow yours? Not to mention the sleek look. Wait…just looked at their website, are those mini-skateboards you attach to the wheels for the older children to stand on?! Umm, how much cooler can it get? Tell you what. Think about it. What a nifty little stroller! I love how compact yet durable it seems. I was drooling over a stroller earlier today…and I have no baby on the way with no plans for more I have done my time with 4, right?

The Orbit system looks great. All of my kids have been big and grow quickly as babies. My 3-year-old is already over 40 pounds and extremely tall. I love that it fits up to 30 pounds, and the swivel feature would be so nice when getting in and out of the car. Great review, there are so many useful features in this system.

Almost makes me want to have a baby…. Why does choosing a car seat and stroller have to be so overwhelming?!? Both times I had to pick I had a hard time. I mean I was happy with my Maclarens and all, but Orbit is kind of the ultimate! That is one cool car seat. Strollers have come a long way baby! Yours was metal — wish I had a picture of it handy…. I hate hauling my 6-month-old in his carseat into Preschool 3 days a week to drop off my girl. Just to keep me on my toes. Brace yourself, Jane. Boys are daredevils right off the bat! Jane- It looks like you got the perfect set up.

I love that spinning function. Red works for boys or girls. Where is the adult version! All kidding aside, this is awesome. I like the rotation function. If I had money coming out of my ears then maybe I could throw down for something like this but really you are only going to use it for a year. Is the carseat convertable? Does it turn front facing? I have been using the graco metrolite for all 3 of my kids. Love how it folds so tiny. In their tests, the carseat disattached itself from the base in a 30 MPH simulated crash. And, Consumer Reports gave a Good rating for the G2 system.

Thanks for clearing that up. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All images and original content on this site are the sole property of Jane Maynard and may not be used, copied or transmitted without express consent. To name a few: Easy to fold and unfold the stroller base. Soft carrier handle on the car seat…it is so much more comfortable to carry on your arm! Paparazzi shield built into the canopy — no more trying to get a blanket to stay in the right spot when you want baby covered.

Love this feature. You can rotate the car seat on the stroller base and the car base. You can click it in whatever way it lands and then rotate it to the proper position, or you can just leave the car seat in the car and turn it to face you to put the baby in. Side impact protection on the car seat. Babies can use this car seat up to 30 pounds, and, from what I can tell, there appears to be ample room for baby to still be comfortable up to that weight. They used certified green materials. The stroller base folds up compactly.

The front wheels can swivel or be locked straight. Handle height on the stroller is adjustable. When you fold the stroller, the handles hit the ground really easily. The car seat is quite large. When placed in the center of the backseat of our Ford Taurus yes, we drive a wicked-cool Ford Taurus , it stands very tall, making it hard for me to see the girls on the sides. The storage space under the stroller is removable, so you can pack it up in your house, carry it around, etc. This system is on the expensive side but, like a luxury car, it really does have all the bells and whistles that make life easy and comfortable.

I am super excited to use the system and will keep you posted on how we like it! Orbit provided me with their Stroller Travel System G2 , but all opinions expressed in this post are my own. September 13, at am. Jane Maynard. September 13, at pm. Kathy - Panini Happy. September 14, at am.

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Orbit baby g2 stroller travel system

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