Older russian woman

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In our map above, countries depicted in the darkest blues have far fewer men than women — and the former Soviet Union stands out from the rest of the world. This region has been predominantly female since at least World War II, when many Soviet men died in battle or left the country to fight. In , there were just That rose steadily in subsequent decades, climbing to The gender ratio in Russia is currently By contrast, the ratio in the U.

The U. Most of these nations, including the most populous, also have low fertility rates compared with the global average. Research over hundreds of years shows that boys naturally out girls at birth. Historically, there have been about boys born for every girls, and this le to more males than females in younger age groups.

At the same time, women have lower premature mortality rates than men and tend to live longer, leading to a higher of older females than older males. We created an alternative list of age-standardized gender ratios. After the adjustments, former USSR nations disappeared from the list of top 15 countries that have the fewest of men per women.

One way to see this is to look at the life expectancy of men and women and the differences between those s. Russian women born from to are expected to live to age Other former USSR countries, such as Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia, have similarly high gaps, with many men in this area losing their lives to alcohol-related incidents, suicides and diseases, among other causes as noted by demographer Murray Feshbach.

The only nation with a higher life-expectancy gap between genders is war-torn Syria. Alcoholism has long been a problem in the former USSR, especially for young men. A study in The Lancet medical journal found evidence that excess vodka use is a top killer in Russia, responsible for a disproportionate amount of deaths among Russian men. In times of uncertainty, good decisions demand good data.

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Older russian woman

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