Old time photos myrtle beach sc

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My photos for sale! Patricia Blackstock. Looking for even older Myrtle Beach photos? You will find them at Wayne Aiken's really old Myrtle Beach photos. Golden Sands, S. Ocean Blvd. Palmetto Vista, N. Wayfarer, N. Sportsman Inn 4. The Virginian. The Gathering Spot, Yaupon Circle 2. Old Myrtle Beach vacation homes. Peggy Ann Apartments, 4th Ave, S. Holiday Shores, N. Sea Park, N. Tradewinds, Sea Echo. Oliver's Lodge, Hwy. This location is now a residential home. In earlier years it was gome to a "reality" show. Edwards, S. Kings Hwy. This restaurant was closed in This building is empty but still standing.

Summer Sands Motel, S. Budget Inn, N. Murrells Inlet 4. Old motel near Murrells Inlet, lost to fire and overtaken by nature;. Pawleys Island Marina and Yacht Club 2. Pacfic Beach store near Family Kingdom. Conway Kayak Riverfront, now closed. Carousel Motel, S. Wicked Stick Golf Course and the Clubhouse have been demolished. An Aldi Grocery Store and a new tires store are currently located in this area. Back and front of Fountainbleau Inn, Flagg St. Myrtle Beach 4.

Midtown Motor Inn, 8th Ave. Sun-Fun Motel at Withers Drive. Back and front of Beverly Motel , N. Crepe Myrtle, 7th Ave. Crepe Myrtle Inn 2 and the Lancer at 7th Ave. Sea Palms back and front , 7th Ave. N 3, 4, 5 The year old Buccaneer Bay mini golf course, located at S. Myrtle Beach, closed Aug. This is now a neighborhood Wal-Mart, along with other developments. Sail Inn Motel N. Rainbow Court, N. Hookah Heaven at N. Flaff St. Beach View Apts. Ccean Blvd. Sand Dollar, located at the corner of Chester St. Listed for sale in Dec. I took these two shots in Sept. In case you have not already guessed, this is the site of the former Pavilion.

I wanted to get inside and search for any treasures I might find in the rubble, but it was totally fenced off. Suck Bang Blow S. Four Corners Murrells Inlet. It was sold to an investor and later demolished. Listen to the music! Featuring 89 keys and pipes, the organ offered various dancing tunes. It ran on a system that was more than years ago - hand-fed cardboard sheet music. After the Pavilion was demolished, the band organ was moved to Broadway at the Beach.

But you won't see it there, and no one knows where it is, or if it is ever coming back. Noel Court Motel, - 6th Ave. Victory Motel S Ocean Blvd. Sand Bucket at N. Waikiki Village, S. Atlantic Holiday. The Oasis Motel 2 , York St. Oasis Motel York St 2. Ocean Liner Motel, N. Kings Hwy at 2nd Ave. Atlantic Sands 2nd Ave. Surfside Beach 3. Juel's Hurricane Restaurant, the walk behineCapt.

This ramp has been replaced! Sea Nymph N. Two new buildings that were never finished due to bankruptcy and homes later demolished at the corner of Myers Ave and Yorkshire Pkwy to make room for a new housing development. See Market Common ball field oin background. Wave Rider, S. Myrtle Beach 3. San Marcus Villa Motel, N.

Side Wheeler Restaurant at 5. Decaying steps of the Sidewheeler Resturant in Conway. View of South Ocean Blvd. The Oasis Motel 5. Thee Doll House, standing empty. It was too delapidated for repair and has been moved to another nearby location. The Depot - stwnds empty at Hwy. Surfside Beach. Old Myrtle Beach, S. Nostalgia at its best! This is the way we were.. Some are Gone Others still here Time Out! Bar, 8th Ave. N, after it ws destroyed by fire on Oct. Bar before. N, opened in and closed in October When it first opened, the food was good, but as time went by the quality dropped and we stopped eating there.

In Jan. The remodeling took place, but the builsite stood empty. Now, remodeled again, this building has become he Hollywood Wax Museum 4. Phillips Seafood, 21st Ave. Formerly it was Alabama Grill which opened in Myrtle Beach in Phillips featured Maryland-style crab cakes and a fresh seafood store, but the curb-style restaurant never caught on in Myrtle Beach. Between 14th and 15th Ave.

Planet Hollywood in "the day" 2. Planet Hollywood being demolished near the end of Oct. Cedar Hill Restaurant Murrells Inlet stood rempy for a long time. It is now the location of Graham's Landing Restaurant 5.

Piggly Wiggly stands empty in The Market Common. Got kids? Take them to the mini golf. You'll be amazed! Hard Rock Cafe. The first photos shows when were both were still open, during the transition. Photo two shows the bulldozers at work tearing down the old Hard Rock. Riviera Motor Lodge, 30th Ave. Myrtle Square Mall. I took this photo in , not long before the mall was flattened to the ground. Palace Theatre in its glory days..

Old time photos myrtle beach sc

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Old Time Photos in Myrtle Beach, SC