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Dating just seemed…exhausting. When the ex-BF and I split a year ago, my plan was to add a few more cats to my collection and take up tennis and crocheting. And it worked. I learned to play tennis well enough to a doubles league, and I am the proud owner of a scarf I crocheted myself decided to postpone the cat influx.

Best of all, I took some trips with my kids, caught up with old friends, and tackled a stack of books that had been gathering dust on the nightstand. So after a friend raved about OkCupid, I decided to give the dating site a try. Nothing serious. I started the -up process on Sunday afternoon, right before heading out for a few hours. I had just enough time to pick a user name and a photo.

I came home to eight messages and 78 likes—all based on a fuzzy photo of me with my kids cropped out, my age, and my user name. Deep connections there. I added a few more pics and started answering the seemingly endless questions OkCupid asks to determine its matching algorithm. I answered about 30, and skipped at least a dozen. None of them had bothered to read my profile as far as I could tell.

From browsing the site, I saw plenty of guys with whom I had high match ratings, so why were all my so-called enemies the only ones I was hearing from? Turns out if you click like on the profile of someone who also likes you back, you get a little pop-up encouraging you to get in touch. I made a mental note to him. I also got a nice surprise. While clicking through profiles of men who were listed as a strong match, I came across a guy I recognized from college.

I scanned through his profile and we seemed to have a lot in common. He replied right away and we made a plan to meet for drinks a few days later. If I was going to do this dating thing, I wanted to give it a fair shot. Unlike the messages I was getting, I worked hard on mine to make them I hope amusing and relevant. Only the single dad wrote back. By the next day, I had racked up more than likes and 43 messages. Flattering, sure, but the shallowness and total lack of effort my admirers were putting forth was wearing on me. After getting a series of increasingly creepy messages from one gentleman, I decided to disable my profile for awhile.

The first date with my college friend went well, and did, indeed, feel like a date. Good thing I wore heels. And OkCupid was interesting as a sociological experiment. Dudes, listen up: If I want to see you naked, I promise you will be the first to know. Until then, cover up. Beards optional. Right or their Ms. Right for the Night. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Okcupid who likes me

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