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Women put a lot of work into getting ready for dates. They have to purchase makeup, nice clothes, get their hair done, keep things tight at the gym…they put a lot of time, money, and effort into looking good for the men. This is where the auction side of things comes in. Men and yes this can go in reverse are able to send offers for first dates.

Sound like an escort? It allows them to prove their value and commitment from day one. We can say confidently that we have not seen a faster -up process before in our entire careers of reviewing online dating sites. You have to complete these three things before they unleash you out into the world.

It takes them usually less than 24 hours to confirm your photo, but during busier times it can take up to 48 hours. In the meantime, you can start looking for members you like or are interested in and adding them to your favorites. Always the one question when looking at a new online dating site is whether or not the singles on there are quality…as it should be. For the fellas, there is no shortage of hot women on this site. From reading through some of the profiles, we did see that there were some women who looked to be money-hungry, but there were also a lot of women that seemed to be interested in potentially finding more than just a quick buck.

There were plenty looking for dating and long-term as well. Regarding men ready to pay for dates, as you might expect there was no shortage. From talking with some of the girls that have used the site before we found that there is a healthy mix of quality on the site. Some of the men are great, successful men who are willing to put out a few bucks to get a first date with a pretty lady.

That being said, there were plenty of men who understood the culture of the site and were willing to compensate accordingly. The magnifying glass is your search feature. The star is your favorites section. The little filing cabinet is where your date offers will be shown, and the message bubble is your message options. Someone in their development department needs a high-five. The common ground we found was this. They have ALL the necessary features you need in a tight little package.

These are private photos that you can only see if you send an offer or wink at the person. We actually expected everyone on the site to just check all the boxes, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that people only checked what they were interested in. The profiles that seemed a little money-hungry usually only had sugar dating checked. The more down to Earth profiles that were looking for a little more than just a transaction had the other options checked.

These were the only two questions they had, and it was nice to see. Normally you have to click on the search button to go to the search , select your options or select a saved search and then click to search. Only then will you see your options. The thing is this. How often are your options you want going to change? Probably not that often. When you click the search icon, it automatically searches for your normal search. If you want to change anything, you can flick the filters button and get that all squared away. This set up is much better in our opinion.

Fairly standard for us means good, not great, but sufficient. They have a nicely laid out FAQ section and a support ticket function. We really would like to see them add some way to get instant help like a live chat function or phone support. Overall, though, the support is more than sufficient.

With such a new concept like this, it can be confusing to understand how it all works. First, there are no subscription fees. When a date offer is accepted, you use some of your credits to unlock the ability to chat with your match. This is basically how the site gets paid. What is that? Glad you asked! They ask that you have an actual profile with at least one picture visible.

And they ask that if someone accepts your offer that you unlock the chat within 48 hours. Basically, have a real profile, actually try and get dates, and if you do get some accepted, you actually try and move forward with them. If for some reason you brick out on your first credits, send an to their support within seven days requesting your additional credits.

There are a few more terms that you should look over if you are not having much luck. So, how does this part all work? What happens when a date is accepted? Well, the money that you bid is NOT for being used on the date. You are also expected to be the one picking up the tab for the date as well. The transfer of money does not take place over the website but is done in person. What the site recommends is that you give half of the money up front and the second half on the back end when the date is over.

Additionally, if a date or bidder does not live up to their bargain, you can report them to the site, and they will be instantly banned from the site. So, how much does a date usually cost? While chatting and flirting may be fun online — this online dating site skips right to the first date and then secures it with a real monetary bid.

Anyone who is inactive gets wiped from the site after a certain period of time. And trolls can be reported to the site admins with a single click. There really is no subscription term to these s. So yes you can cancel after one month by removing your or you could just stop using it. This dating site is all about the bidding process between generous members and attractive members. The generous member gets their date and the attractive member gets compensated for their time getting ready for the date.

No formal subscription is needed for this site — but generous members do purchase credits to be able to bid on and message the attractive singles. Attractive members actually get paid to go on first dates with the generous, successful members on the site.

The only cost is for generous members to purchase credits, which they use to message and set up first dates with. You can use their website in your mobile browser with no problem. You should have no problem scrolling profiles, viewing your bids, or responding to messages from the browser while on a mobile device. Every first date is secured with a monetary bid, which compensates the attractive member for their time and to get prepped for the date.

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