My son is selling drugs what can i do

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If you suspect your child of dealing drugs, you may have to take immediate action to protect them. Drug dealing is illegal in the United States, most individuals who sell drugs also use them, and your loved one is likely putting their health, future, and life opportunities at risk. Your child choosing to deal drugs is a decision they made, and another decision has to be made by them to change that behavior.

Even if they are a minor, you can only take limited steps to control their actions. Your best course of action is to talk with your child, be reasonable, and work to change the environment that supports dealing drugs.

If you suspect your child is dealing drugs , you are likely concerned for good reason. However, you should consider verifying what they are doing before you come forward with an accusation or request for them. Common indicators that someone might be dealing drugs include:. In most cases, it can be difficult to verify your child is dealing drugs without actually catching them in the act. In some cases, you may want to search your home, their room, and anywhere your child is likely to store or stash drugs.

If you can find where they store drugs, cash, or purchases, you have proof of what they are doing, which can help you to move forward. Confronting your child about using or dealing drugs is a life-changing situation. Making changes for your child can be difficult. Your plan should include options for every result of talking to your child. Anything you say that is judgmental will likely only drive your child further away. Importantly, teens are often difficult to talk to or reason with.

This can be hurtful, but you should be prepared for it. Try to stablish ground rules for your home. For example, you probably want to establish a zero drug and zero drug sales policy for your home. Sharing information about the penalties for drug-sales in your state, abuse and overdose statistics for what they are selling, and that you want them to be safe is usually the best approach. Importantly, if you create ground rules, you have to follow up on them. However, you can force your child to go to professional therapy, can move them into rehab, and can move them into drug-free schools to prevent or minimize the risk of future problems.

Here, your actions should heavily depend on what your child is doing, how they respond to your talks, and what they are selling. Some of your options include:. Doing so requires collaboration from both sides, and it will be a long process. This is especially true if your child is also using drugs, which means they will likely need intensive rehab and long-term therapy.

However, getting your child help is important. Taking action to stop the problem before it in their arrest, hospitalization, or other long-term consequences is a matter of harm-reduction. If you love your child, you want to get them help. Hopefully you can move them into rehab and support, to help them get their life back. Call Is My Child Dealing Drugs? What do you want to do? What is the ideal result of your actions? What is the worst-case scenario of your actions? Can you create a long-term plan to support your child? Can you make changes in your own life to facilitate this change?

Setting Rules Try to stablish ground rules for your home. Some of your options include: Discussing options with local police. Please contact Beginnings Treatment Centers today for an honest talk about addiction programs with one of our experienced and professional addiction treatment team. We can answer any questions you may have with no cost or obligation. Southern California Addiction Treatment Center. Beginnings Treatment Centers. Call for Help Today.

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My son is selling drugs what can i do

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What Do I Do If My Child is Dealing Drugs?