Making love to my sister in law

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All rights reserved. My family and I moved to Melbourne, Australia, 12 years ago to give our children a better future. My two brothers and their families had relocated there a few years before we did, and offered to help us in any way they could. The constant separation put a lot of strain on our marriage. As time passed by, Alan grew even more distant from me. Whenever he returned from his trips, he would play with the kids and simply ignore me. I could not remember the last time we had sex; I even suspected he might be having an affair.

One afternoon, Jane came over looking troubled. When she asked him what he was doing there, he nervously said he was dropping off something for my brother. How odd! Alan should have been at the office at that time. I decided to keep a close watch on them for a while; they seemed unusually close.

I finally discovered the truth when my husband made a business trip to Singapore for two months. I found out Sally was also travelling there to visit her family during the same period. It seemed like too much of a coincidence, so I forged a plan: I decided to pay my husband a surprise visit while he was in Singapore.

I asked Jane to look after my kids while I was away, and booked myself a ticket to Singapore. I knew where he was staying, so I waited nearby until I saw him leave for work. Then I took the lift to his room, rang the bell and hid so I could not be seen through the peephole. The door opened — and there was Sally. She was clad in sexy, skimpy undies and she was holding one arm across her breasts — she might as well have been fully naked. Maybe she thought it was my husband who had come back to get something. I had my camera ready and started snapping away, screaming at her for betraying me.

She ran back to the bed — the bed which she and my husband probably had been making love in earlier — and tried her best to cover herself as I took photos. I slapped her before I left and threatened to release the pictures on the Internet. It has been three years since the incident. Alan and I are now divorced; so are my brother and Sally. The last I heard, their sordid relationship did not last. I know Sally still thinks I have pictures of her in a state of undress. I have never told anybody this: Even though I took many shots that day, I never got a clear one of her.

Now that I have a new life with my children in Australia, I have put this experience behind me. Even though I am emotionally scarred and still think about it at times, I tell myself that life needs to go on. Share it with us — anonymity guaranteed. You can also your story to sww sph. Include your address, NRIC and telephone s so we can contact you about your fee. I would like to receive marketing materials from SPH Media, its subsidiaries and partners. Also available at:. Privacy Menu.

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Making love to my sister in law

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Share A Secret: I caught my sister-in-law naked in bed… after she made love to my husband