Maintaining purity in dating

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But we must turn directly to Scripture for the Assemblies of God position on sexual purity. We believe that the biblical standards of morality are universal and timeless. They are applicable to all generations, to all societies, and to all subcultures.

The question Christians must ask: How should we as followers of Christ, living in an increasingly secular and amoral society, behave concerning sexual activity? Certainly not as atheists and agnostics behave! One way to recognize a Christian today should be by his or her sexual purity.

Yet it is difficult to maintain purity in a culture obsessed with sex and permissiveness toward all forms of sexual expression. That difficulty makes sexual purity a good test of who really is a follower of Christ. It takes more than the best effort of natural humanity to maintain sexual purity. It takes the redeeming and sanctifying work of God in our lives.

Paul knew the power of sexual drive in all individuals. He knew that provocative dress, public gossip about sexual orgies, and sexually charged humor were strong incitements to lust and sin. Paul knew that withheld sexual relations could lead a spouse into temptation and sin.

Single persons are also called to sexual purity. It is clear from these accumulated passages that having sexual relations outside of marriage is forbidden, and for good reason: sexual immorality destroys personal relationships and a secure society. What constitutes sexual immorality? According to the Bible it includes adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, prostitution, rape, and lust. The popular culture around us is suggesting with a loud voice that anything short of sexual intercourse is not sex and therefore not sinning. But that definition of sex does not line up with the Bible.

Sexually stimulating touch and physical intimacy between a man and a woman are part of the natural progression that in marriage le to intercourse. Engaging in such activity before entering into a lifetime commitment of marriage is lust rather than love.

God is able to help young couples desiring a committed Christian marriage to preserve themselves for a beautiful marriage of trust and faithfulness. Control of the mind and its wandering thoughts is the key to sexual purity in dating and courtship. If the mind dwells on immediate physical gratification, the chances for a loving, committed marriage are greatly reduced. But if dating is seen as a time of getting to know the person who lives inside the body, rather than exploring the body, the possibility of a permanent Christian marriage can become a reality that God can bless.

The apostle Paul was fully aware of the temptations that can lead one into sexual impurity and sin. He warned Timothy, a young man, at least three times. View statement online Why is maintaining sexual purity so vital to the life of a Christian?

Maintaining purity in dating

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