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The many sex saunas of Macau have been covered in detail on Rockit Reports for years. Over the last two years however coverage of the subject has been more limited. There are only so many saunas in Macau though truth be told I have not come near covering them all. Trying to write about various parts of the world all at once is always a tough thing to do especially when considerations of time and resources come into play. There are other things to consider. Macau is famous for its casinos. Among a certain set of the male population it is perhaps just as well known for its saunas.

But there are other adult businesses in the Special Administrative Region too. Adult strip shows have been around for a while. Then there are freelancers and brothels. And now the Smooci escort site is also operating in Macau with plenty of listings. Beverly Sauna is one of the bigger and more well-known saunas in Macau although a lot of English-speaking people seem to overlook it.

The sauna is located on the second floor of the Beverly Plaza Hotel which itself is a rather large place that most familiar with Macau know. Customers access the sauna by going past a desk and up a flight of stairs. That le to a clear walkway ending in the typical changing room set up. The lockers are electronic which is probably of little importance to most visitors since they ultimately work just like the regular key hole stows spaces in other saunas around the island. Customer put their clothes into an ased locker and wrap themselves up in a towel before moving on to the wash room.

The washroom is a fairly typical set up. It has several shower stalls that customers are expected to use when they first enter. They are open though no one spends any time looking at the guys using them. There are also some pools containing water of various temperatures. A lot of saunas have these sorts of pools but they rarely seem to be in use. At Beverly the pools are regularly used for skinny dipping sessions. Perhaps this because Beverly has so many Chinese customers. Behind the pools there are a few private shower stalls with frosted glass doors.

These rooms are staffed by Vietnamese women dressed in lingerie or bikinis. The women are happy to give customers a soapy table shower with the price being tacked right on to their tabs. The women range in looks with a few being very attractive. The services are mainly limited to the customers being washed head to toe with warm water and soap but at times things can get a little more adventurous. Some of the women even make themselves available for full service sessions inside at a higher than normal price. After customers are done with the wash room they head into a small changing area. This part of the sauna is staffed by Filipino guys.

Although the gear can look a little ridiculous it is what everyone wears so no odd looks are given. It should be noted that the robes and shorts are of a higher than normal quality which may explain why they look so old. Perhaps they have been in service since before the handover. Just past the changing room stands the lounge.

It is no better or worse than most other sauna lounges in Macau even the place does have some age. The room is lined with nice big lounge chairs that are rarely filled. In one part of the room there are standard tables that allow customers to enjoy restaurant-style seating. Flat screen televisions are mounted on the ceilings. Beverly is like all other saunas in offering free food as a part of the package.

While some places only go through the motions Beverly excels. There are some items on the menu that may appear odd to westerners but that is simply a case of the business catering to its clientele. There are many foods common to the west on the menu as well. A few items carry extra charges but they are reasonable.

Like other saunas Beverly staffs a range of people to do different tasks. At Beverly there are women wearing different outfits to indicate their area of expertise. Women wearing red shirts and black pants do foot massages. Women wearing pink shirts and black skirts work on the upper half of the body.

This means they do things like ear cleaning and shoulder massages. Unlike some other saunas where handies can be given right in the lounge that sort of hand work is limited to private rooms at Beverly. The women working the floor at Beverly range in looks but most are moderately attractive. Some are outright beautiful.

Most are friendly though the sauna allows the women to carry their phones while they work which inevitably le to some of the ladies on staff spending more time staring at their screens than working or looking for customers. This is not common in most of the competing saunas. As ly noted Beverly mainly works with Chinese customers though the place to seems to be open to anyone who can afford the service.

A floor manager who looks like a character out of Reservoir Dogs roams around looking for things to do. He seems to a friendly fellow who is constant communication with customers and the women on staff without ever appearing to be rude. Of course I cannot speak Cantonese and I have no special insight into what really goes on so what do I know? All in all Beverly operates like most other saunas though there are some things that set it apart. One is the hours of operation. Most saunas are open around the clock or at least allow customers to sleep overnight if they require it.

Beverly also caters to customers but takes things a little further but opening at full steam early in the day and even offering customers a breakfast menu. The lineup procedure at Beverly is also unique. Normally saunas either organize periodic lineups of the women available for full service or allow customers to request a lineup in front of their seat whenever they are ready. When customers want a full service session at Beverly they are guided up a set of stairs to an area which can be accessed by guys coming in from the street. This is probably convenient for people who want full service without spending hours at the sauna though it is a bit odd to have freshly washed guys in short shorts and robes standing next to others in their street gear who just wandered in from a casino.

The women who offer full service at Beverly represent a wide range of looks. In all likelihood many of these women are not from the countries claimed though it is notable that Chinese women are in the minority and Vietnamese women are totally absent from the list. Some of the women are only moderately attractive though at least a few are absolutely gorgeous. The women claimed to be from exotic countries ask more for a session than others though the prices are not out of the ordinary for the area.

As is usual there are all sorts of discounts and deals available which can be incredibly complicated. Usually a guy who pays for a few floor services and at least one round of full service does not have to pay an admission fee. The rooms where the full service sessions take place are just around the corner from the line up room.

They quarters are large but done in Korean or Japanese style with the mattresses right on the floor. Most other saunas use the kinds of elevated beds common in the West. The quarters do have modern flat screen televisions that show at least two channels of Japanese porn. Each woman has their own way of doing things but there are no real reports of amazing performances coming out of Beverly with any regularity. The women do their jobs and focus on the parts that are involved so most have nothing to complain about but things can have a routine element to them especially for repeat customers who no longer are shocked that places like these even exist in the first place.

Beverly is a long standing sauna with a loyal following. It has a few unique ways of operating that set it apart from the competition but these do not necessarily make it any better in the eyes of customers. It is simply another option among many. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau Map.

Macau sauna guide

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