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Our goal is to explain and discuss issues in IR in an engaging and thought-provoking fashion. We are written by students, for students, about issues students care about. The court ruling has taken center stage in Costa Rica's presidential election. Presidential front-runner and former Pentecostal singer Fabricio Alvarado has made opposition to gay-marriage a top concern of his campaign. Alvarado narrowly won the first presidential round last Sunday against fourteen other candidates. According to several polls , nearly two-thirds of Costa Ricans oppose the ruling and believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Ana Cecilia Sanchez, 53, told the Washington Post that she is still undecided but her religious views would impede her from casting her ballot for Carlos Alvarado or for Antonio Alvarez, also top contenders in the upcoming April 1 runoff. Currently, eight out of 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean recognize some sort of union between same-sex couples. Up until last Wednesday, Bermuda was among the nine countries to legally recognize gay marriage.

However, it has become the first country to ever repeal a same-sex marriage decision. Like Costa Rica, Bermuda is known for its laid back mentality, environmental awareness and Catholic majority. A poll conducted by Profiles of Bermuda found that In May , amidst growing international pressure to conform to past European court rulings, the British island territory legalized same-sex marriage through a Supreme Court ruling. The bill was passed by majority vote. This legislative balance that Brown alludes to is the passage of the Domestic Partnership Act.

The Act allows for domestic partnership between same-sex couples but does not legally recognize same-sex marriage. Source: NYT. Over the past week, debates over same-sex marriage have sparked international headlines. Comment 0 Likes.

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