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I have gone a couple of times and there seems to be a good etiquette that most people adhere to. I really appreciate the staff; I remember on one occasion a woman answered all of my questions in a positive manner and was warm and welcoming which made me feel comfortable about my experience. This is a place where I feel ok to be myself. I have only had positive experiences here and will return when things get back to normal. I miss going here. Friendly staff with a wide variety of goods! Had a nice, smooth transaction and pleasant browsing experience.

Best spot in town to have fun. Clean and friendly service that welcomes you with a big smile and leaves you feeling like a new person! Highly recommend and would happily come back when I can. My wife and I went last week. We will go back in the future. Worst money spent. Wife and I go bout once every 3 months. I really enjoy the place cause I like to play with her in front of others. Do like the mixture of ppl there. Do like how others are respectful and no means no. How she would put it would be, need more blk men on Saturday nights after 10pm upstairs with the couples lol.

Over all we enjoy it there when we go. So thank u for being there. Had a lot of fun in theater!!! I was with a group of friends and I was so uncomfortable seeing old men follow u to the room never again. Hello everyone I have been to lido, polity of times and never had. Experience any of the times I have been there Ive always left with.

A smile On my face I went on a Sunday night and it was fun around midnight. The only problem was way too many guys just hanging out overcrowding the place. Im thinking about paying for a VIP ticket to go upstairs on couples night! Omgggg it was boring the first time. Second time was a whole mood. If Im ever feeling spontaneous again Ill return.

My interest was peaked and I was intoxicated but pleased and about to sleep soooooooo good. When is this place opening back up? Cause I was there with this beautiful woman and we had a blast!! Thinking of going tonight Me and my boyfriend are looking for a person to have fun with tonight any takers we will be there around 3 am. Its been about 3 years since I have been to Lidos. Myself 54 MWF. My husband took me a few times and always had a great time. We stopped bye last week and I bought some new toys.

I did not get to the Theater but have plans too in the next few weeks when it warms on a Sat. The staff was till very nice last week and ready to come back and check out theater. Trying this place out Friday May 31st at noon an at night. Very fit male looking for an hour or 2 of a good time. Kik- jflexjj send a picture and Ill reply back. May also go other days for the first couple or females.

Ive been here twice before with friends. Started in the main theater the first time. Got the attention of a couple of guys I was interested in playing with and another guy who looked homeless. Me And my friend went to a private room with the guys I wanted to play with.

We had our fun for a couple of hours and left. Second visit was planned more in advance and I had the s for guys Id met before. We went straight into the private room. Those friends invited a couple other guys and all went well except for people knocking on the door who werent invited to our group. I am planning another trip to Dallas soon and hoping for some more sexy chocolate to play with. I always enjoy coming to Lido. The staff is courteous and the selection is great. How is Friday night around midnight for a hetero single male. Is it worth the cash to go upstairs? Thinking about ing the fun.

I have always wanted to go here since I was . Remember riding by and being curious. Well I went there Saturday and it was crazy! I browsed the store alittle. They have a nice selection of toys. I didnt browse the movies this time. I made a purchase. Long hair guy was very nice. I got a ticket for the theater even tho they were showing a straight feature.

Still enjoyed the experience. Cant wait to go back. Cant remember whens the gay show. Maybe its on the other screen. Two theaters: The downstairs is the Gay theater and the upstairs at the end of the long hallway is the straight theater. You definitely see swinger action. Store area has a large assortment of videos and sex toys, something for everyone. Full 5 Stars! If I could give this a negetneg star, I would Keep your rules.

Mark Rippetoe, sports coach and author of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training recommended this venue to me after a solid squat session. Now I understand why his short story The trip to Dallas used the Lido as its setting. A very inspiring place and welcoming to BDSM and kink. I can say it was certainly worth the trip! Went to check this place out for the first time, I paid for a private room upstairs, go up there and find out that the TVs in the private rooms are extra and cash only.

So I go and try and make a withdrawal from the atm and find that its out of order. I sure as hell aint going there ever again. What a terrible experience! We had a horrible experience; our first and last time there. We walked down a long hall way which was very dim and the place looked like it hadnt been renovated since the 70s. The main theater room was filled with guys, which was weird to begin with. About 8 guys in a room watching a porn together. The only girl there was mine. We went in a purposely sat in a seat far away from others.

There was a creepy old man about 6 seats down who locked eyes on us from the second we arrived and never stopped. Once we sat down it seems everyone in the room quickly changed seats to get either beside, in front, or behind us.

One tall black guy really gave us the creeps by leaning between the chairs and asking us what we had going on tonight.

Lidos dallas tx reviews

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