Kim kardashian hollywood dating levels

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New Posts. Alright so I've been dating this guy in the game for forever now. We're max level and used to be top couples but have fallen ificantly. A long time ago I was married but got divorced. Now I've been trying to get this new guy to propose for soo long but no avail. Like I said we've been max level for so long now. No matter how many dates, no proposal. Am I doing something wrong? January Because if you get to kid level 12, or 15, points, and he asks about a baby, shortly after he'll make an honest woman out of you. But, if you already have your babies.

Here is the link to the FAQs about dating and marriage. He should still propose. Just keep dating him I guess. You can submit a ticket saying your relationship is maxed, but you want the wedding. So in your ticket, start off by assuring them all the prerequisite behavior has been taken care of..

My level is 25, and my relationship points with my SO is Maxed Out. I date my SO exclusively, I date a few times a day, and I date in different venues. I don't have any other dates pending. I've checked all possible venues and there isn'the anyone still waiting for me to start a date.

And he is the only one I am go on dates with. That already answers all the quidelines , so maybe it will help cut through the formalities. Good luck, and I think I hear wedding bells in the not so distant future. Good Luck. I have two kids from my marriage. Maybe that's why he won't propose? Syndra x wrote: ยป. I also have two kids with my first two husbands and I got married 4 times already and I remember they usually propose around points.

Hmm I wonder why he won't propose then. Initially I thought it had something to do with our top stars position but I've been higher than him for so long now so I doubt that's the reason. I go on lots of dates too. I mean I've been neglecting the storylines for so long just to do nothing but dates but still no proposal. I guess I'll just give it time and hope. Same thing happened to me once. It was totally maxed out but he wasn't proposing so I thought maybe it was a glitch.

So i broke up with him, dated a different one ane voila. At relationship points that one proposed. So yesterday I tried to go on a date with someone new after being single for so long just to get and be able to open a few boxes from this Dating Midweek event and I clearly remembered that he NPC proposed right after getting points. I think there must be a glitch with the guy your doll is dating.

My doll has two kids and is single, I pick a new guy every dating event and he proposes around points, then I complete the event before heading to Florence. I get cold feet at the altar so I don't lose fans through a divorce.

Then if the NPC isn't weird looking I delete him and add him again somewhere down the line. Jules is a heartbreaker. Letting them go and roping them back in. I've been with my in game spouse for awhile but I remember him proposing quickly in. It sounds like it never triggered for some reason maybe you had a glitch during the time frame he was supposed to propose and instead of correcting it just never popped back up. I'd definitely get with Glu support and get their input. August In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. in or register to get started. In Register.


Kim kardashian hollywood dating levels

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