Japanese dating site singapore

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Sulaiman Daud January 16, , PM. This match-making agency specialises exclusively in matching up Japanese women with Singaporean men. Destini IS was founded by a group of Japanese expats who have resided in Singapore for some time. They aim to "bridge the two worlds" by finding Singaporean husbands for Japanese women seeking life partners here. The agency, which was soft-launched in December , claims that Singapore has become a "trending" place for Japanese women to find love.

Destini IS will guide each Singaporean male who s up on how to date and live with a Japanese partner. Each member will also go through a series of "comprehensive tests" to find our more about himself and what he looks for in a partner. The agency boasts a strategic alliance with the Japan Marriage Counsellor Federation, a private company , and has a database of 60, members in Japan.

And if you do manage to get married, Destini IS also offers two years of free counselling services. You can see a short video clip of Japanese women giving their thoughts on Singaporean guys below:. According to the ladies in the video, they believe that Singaporean men are kind, sincere and slim with nice bodies. Let's hope they find what they're looking for. Destini IS's official launch is on Feb.

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Japanese dating site singapore

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New matchmaking agency Destini IS wants to pair Japanese women with Singaporean men