I want to girl

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Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen. Frank Fontaine. Spotlight on Dai. When You're Smiling, …. The Buffalo Bills. Jimmy Roselli. Max Bygraves. Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band. The Cliff Adams Singers. Cliff Edwards. Steve King [GB]. Phoenix Jazzers. The Scat Cats. Dave Brennan's Jubilee Jazz Band. Bob Schulz's Frisco Jazz Band. I Wanna Girl. Ricky Tomlinson. Ken Beebe. Willie "The Rock" Knox. Crazy Otto. Big Ben Banjo Band. Lawrence Welk - Pete Fountain. Jimmy Durante. Bob Kames. Jerry Burke. Russ Morgan. Steve Allen [US1]. Seymour His "Heartbeat" Trumpet.

Firehouse Five Plus Two. Kings of Dixieland. The Banjo Barons [US]. Jo Ann Castle. Bob Ralston. Jonah Jones Quartet. George Golla. Mills with rhythm accompaniment directed by Brian Fahey. Umbrella Jazzmen. Nick Fatool's Jazz Band.

Jimmy Locke. Squeek Steele. It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary intr…. Delta Stompers. Gentleman Jim McIntosh and the Jazzaholics. Carl Sonny Leyland.

I want to girl

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