How to tell if a woman wants to kiss you

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You meet this girl. You feel like the luckiest guy on earth. You spend hours talking and laughing. You just have to kiss her. It does to me. I went on so many dates without getting what I wanted. All I wanted was to touch, taste, and feel the soft lips of a woman. And yes, I know how pathetic this is. I mean, I was pretty good at kissing girls when they were clearly not ready. Over the years, however, I gained the experience to read the physical s of a woman. Hundreds of approaches and dates later, I was able to see all 16 s.

Kiss her and make her lips twitch even faster. But still, whenever a girl licks her lips, even if she just touches her lips with her tongue, she has naughty thoughts. She either thinks about kissing you or giving you a blowjob. Just think about it. If you see a really beautiful woman, you stop and stare. You have to look after this girl. Her butt cheeks are too delicious.

Heck, I almost crashed my car while checking out a girl… and I did it not once but twice. They check out guys when they want to talk to them. And they check out your lips when they want to kiss them. Look at her fingers and follow their movement. Observe if she uses her fingers to touch her lips. Girls often do this after licking their lips. This whole process is comparable to that hides candy behind his back because it got caught eating it. Do what her lips and her fingers want you to do. You probably have. Well, forget about the Gorilla. Girls do the same. In fact, every human being does it when we need extra air to cope with our excitement.

I guess it must be reason three. The wider her pupils are, the higher your chances to get the kiss. Your eyes speak a clear language and your pupils are the megaphone. Pupils dilate for different reasons but one of the most prominent reasons is sexual attraction. You have to look deep into her eyes to see it. But you get closer because you want to see how she reacts. Look at her face. Maybe she looks a bit irritated and backs off. Imagine she leans in and touches your arm. You do the same. You touch her arm because you want to know what happens. She smiles and touches your arm too.

Whenever a girl touches you AND shows that she likes it when you do the same, you can go for the kiss. You take her hand and lead her outside. She had fun on your first date. The coffee was good and the conversation was even better. You decide to go for the hug. She leans in. You let go off her. You smile. You drove her back to your place. She smiled the whole way. Whenever a girl pressed her body especially her boobs against yours, sh e wants you to go for the kiss. In fact, she wants so much more. She knows that the sensation of her boobs against your chest makes you lose your mind.

I never failed with this rule. Just try it. Take her hand and walk hand in hand with her. I already told you that squeezing you is a good al. You hug her and while you lean in, she positions her mouth close to your mouth. I hugged so many girls who made it harder for me to not kiss her than to do it. Remember that women are complicit in their own seduction.

If she wants you, she does everything to help you to get her. Blushing is a widely-known physical for excitement and arousal …especially arousal. She likes you and she wants you. I mean, we all know what girlfriends do before Christmas. They talk about this one dress they love so much. They mention it over and over again. Why do they do it? Because they hope you get the clue and buy it. A woman who wants to kiss you takes her chance and leans in.

Let her lean in, smile, and go for the kiss. But you know me. This technique can be a bit tricky for beginners, but as a man who has read my book Rise of the Phoenix , you know what to do. Come on. What are you waiting for? You want to know how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you.

You have to observe the way she looks, smiles, and acts. Start with her eyes. Observe the way she looks at you and how the size of her pupils changes when you come closer. She might lick them, touch them, or move them. These are all s that her lips want to taste yours. You can also take action and see how she reacts. Hug her and read her body. Does she lean in or back off? Does she squeeze you or does she let go? Heck, you can even tell her what you want to do with her. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, most women want a kiss on the first date. Are you ready to become a man who gets the kiss every single time? Then continue reading…. The anticipation is killing her…and making her lips do weird moves. Have you ever been close to a girl whose lips were shaking? She Licks Her Lips Of course, there are other physical s she wants to kiss you. She Stares at Your Lips We love to look at things we like. Women are no different. This is an obvious that she wants to taste them.

She Touches her Lips with Her Fingers Can you tell if she wants to kiss you by looking at her fingers? Yes, you can.

How to tell if a woman wants to kiss you

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The 9 s She Wants You To Kiss Her That You're Missing