How to make her feel special in bed

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Do you want to show her how extraordinarily special she is to you? Do you want to let her know how beautiful and unique she is inside and out? Now, what does this mean? Little things make big things happen. You will make her feel truly special by making sweet gestures and doing all of the little things that will remind her how beautiful and unique she is.

Simply listening to her, asking for her opinion on certain matters, giving her a massage, telling her how beautiful she looks in that dress are some of the things that will make her heart beat faster and make her smile.

This is something that should come naturally to all men. Regardless of how busy your schedule might be or what is on your to-do list for that day, making time for your woman should be something that goes without saying. If you want your girl to feel special, then make sure she is your priority , and make sure she knows it.

But truly accept her. Accept her for who she is. Accept her with all her perfections and imperfections. Accept all her likes and dislikes. All her flaws and all her little rituals. Truly accept whatever she brings to your relationship.

Accept her wholly, not just parts of her and her personality that others might not. Leave her the way she is, and love her the way she is. No sane woman falls for those kinds of mind games , you know. Nothing will make her feel more special than to see her man making an actual effort to see her point of view.

So, whatever happens between the two of you, whatever she does, before you make a decision to do something, before you judge her, make sure you see everything from her perspective. Never dismiss her feelings easily or take them lightly. If you want to make her feel special, then be her safe haven. Be someone she knows she can count on.

So, show some interest. Be genuinely interested in the things she likes, in the things that make her happy, in her future, and in everything that inspires her. Ask her how her day was, what her plans are for the next day, month, year or her entire life. She should know that you would never do anything on purpose that would make her feel bad. Admit your feelings to her.

Take responsibility for your actions. And if you really want to make her special, treat her like a lady. Always keep your eyes on her. The proudest woman is one who can say with confidence that her man only has eyes for her. Okay, some things should stay private, but the fact that you like her should be shouted out loud publicly. In case you want her to know where she stands in your life, then you need to make a special spot just for her. Welcome her into your world, and open up to her.

Show her you trust her. Make sure you compliment the things nobody else sees. Something that makes her special in your eyes. And try to do it on a daily basis, too. It will definitely boost her ego and make her feel special. Maybe you love her passion or you admire her kindness. Feel free to say out loud all the things that only you like about her. Perhaps you can start with remembering what songs she likes the most and making a playlist just for her in your car.

Buy her some small things like chocolate or roses occasionally. Brag about her to others. Plan dates. Use whatever you can to make her feel special. It might be from a movie seen too many times, but it always works! Text her just to see how her day was or just to tell her how wonderful she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

As much as you can, as often as you can and wherever you can. This is the ultimate way to make your girl feel special. Knowing that you are planning a future with her and that you want to see her next to you in the days that are yet to come are silent whispers that she is, indeed, someone special to you. Make her a part of your everyday struggles, decisions and choices. Ask for her opinion on every matter because you really want to hear what she has to say. By making her a part of your life, you will make her feel truly special.

Tell her that her imperfections are what makes her perfect in your eyes and that she should never change. Let her know how much you value everything she brings to the table and how much you love every single, tiny bit of her being inside out. These are all the things that should come naturally to him. And these are all the things every woman deserves to get in life.

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How to make her feel special in bed

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How to Make a Girl Feel Special