Hanging out with ex

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I just wish I knew about your work sooner, because I am going through a break up situation that could have been different if I knew the things I know now after reading your guidelines. Summer I met this girl in a summer program at my college. We connected immediately and we were together for 10 days until the program ended. We both knew that this was not going to go any further because she is from a different country, but we kept in contact. January She met a guy and they started a relationship and I was happy for her. I decided to go my own way and try meeting other girls too, but she had left an extremely high standard that no other girl ever met, and I would get disappointed every time.

By this time, I had moved to NYC to work , while she was in still in college in her country with 3 more years to go. In our conversations, she let me know that things had been going badly with her boyfriend. I was trying to be there to support her, but to be honest, I was also there to see if I had an opportunity with her.

January-February Our conversations had became very intense and shortly after she broke up with her boyfriend. She let me know that she is interested in me and shortly after we started a LDR. April We were doing well for two months, talking and texting all the time, having our ways to show our feelings, having cyber sex to make up for the lack of physical contact and much more.

We planned a trip for June in which she would come to NYC and stay with me for 2 weeks. In April, her school workload had increased and we started to reduce our frequency of contact. May Our conversations diminished quite a lot but I was patiently waiting for her semester to finish and get back to where we wer… but that never happened. She kept being distant, and one day she called me to break up with me.

To summarize the call, she said that I never did anything wrong, that we would be together if we were in the same place. For the trip, we had reserved a car to pick her up at the airport, we have tickets for a show and a concert. We decided that we would not waste that money and meet up on those three occasions.

Now, it has been 4 days since we broke up, we ended in good terms, we never fought or anything, and she asked me to be friends because she would like me to keep being part of her life. Although, here is where I am kindly asking for your advice. Do you think that it is correct to meet up when she comes to NYC?

If so, how should I be with her when we meet? And texts? Do you think that it is fine to try to be friends from now on? Seeing her right now is going to be a reminder of what you had.. Are you going to be able to compartmentalize enough that you can see her and spend time with her without seeing the ghosts of futures past? Are you able to let go of what might have been? Well, the potential complication is that the point of failure in this relationship was that lack of a physical connection.

And here you are in the same city for the first time in years. It could be that seeing each other could rekindle some feelings and you two may see about whether you have the chemistry in person that you had in text. Maybe the two of you will be all over each other like a pair of socks in a dryer. Was breaking up the wrong move? Trying to get back together is going to end with the dance remix of your first break-up.

After all, you had a relatively amicable break-up. Is it ok to be friends? Well… yeah. Either way, I would suggest that you give yourself some time and distance before trying to be close. Even if you have the best and purest of intentions, you need to let those wounds heal before you can really make a friendship work. Even when I had a relationship with someone else, the feelings kept surfacing no matter how hard I tried to push them away. After I broke up with my then girlfriend, I felt the intense need to finally tell my crush how I had felt about her.

I just wanted to be honest about how I felt about her. I was totally ok with this. We still talk daily, exactly as we did before I told her. Do I simply leave the subject matter alone and accept it? Or would it be better to force the conversation to happen? I feel like a massive asshole in this situation overall honestly. Before we get to your question, JWA, I want to point out what you did wrong here: you made the classic mistake of just confessing your crush, and leaving it at that.

This is why my general rule of thumb is that, rather than confess your feelings, the best move is to ask them on a date. No matter how well you may know somebody or how much chemistry you have in text or even in Skype, none of this guarantees chemistry when you meet in person.

And honestly? Your question is what do you do now? And the answer is… nothing. I mean, I hate to tell you this chief, but you got your answer. You already know that. Being her friend may not be what you hoped for, but that friendship is pretty damn awesome. Curiouser To be fair, he did say from the start that they weren't exclusive and he didn't want that. And when she said NerdLove Dr. NerdLove Store Dr. Dear Dr. I would like to ask for your advice on my situation. Let me sum it up for you: Summer I met this girl in a summer program at my college.

October In our conversations, she let me know that things had been going badly with her boyfriend. Like, really uncomfortable. Good luck. Ask Dr. What Do I Do? Share Recent Comments Curiouser To be fair, he did say from the start that they weren't exclusive and he didn't want that. Just ghost them hard. Funny that they have allowed LW1 to get close to their children even though she fees his past behavior Let's review: your best friend's wife not only tells you that she has the right to sabotage your relationships, but intends to keep on I think Doc is right that it's NOT the only or even main problem.

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Hanging out with ex

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