Good bible verses for woman

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Scripture is a gift from God, which He gave us so we can know Him and how we relate to Him. The Word of God encourages us, inspires us, and equips us with the truth we need to face each day. For those reasons, I love encouraging my fellow sisters in Christ with my favorite verses. So, I hope today that these Bible verses about a woman of good character remind you to stay focused on Christ and help you remember the identity you have in Him.

That way, we can reflect the light of Christ in our lives and to those around us. Please read the full disclosure for more information. Doing the Every Word day study of the Bible has helped me keep this in mind as I read scripture, but there are many other commentaries that offer this information as well. So considering the cultural and historical context, the laws that God establishes in the Old Testament show an incredible respect for young women, old women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and widows alike.

Although some of these women were foreigners to the Jewish people, God welcomed them into his family. My favorite depiction of this is when Paul compares Jesus and the church to a husband and wife in marriage. Paul speaks about the joy Jesus has in presenting the church blameless and righteous before God. This is only possible because Jesus has covered us in his righteousness Ephesians He wants salvation for us, to bring us into his holy family and to transform us into godly woman with a heart for the Lord.

Finding a definition for a godly woman or a woman of good character is hard because it encompasses so much. That being said, I believe Charles F. Stanley in his book, Handbook for Christian Living, sums up godliness well. An example of that godliness being played out is the life of King David.

Throughout 1 and 2 Samuel, David never turns away from the Lord, even when he faces the consequences for his sin. He also never divides his heart or turns to serve other foreign gods. When I read the stories of other people in Bible who had great successes and great failures, I realized what set David apart was the condition of his heart. We see godliness in the story of David, but also in the lives of some of the women that I mentioned before. She prayed so hard that the priest thought she was drunk and talking to herself! Though discouraged and brokenhearted, she held onto faith and believed God had the power to give her a son.

When God granted her prayer, she dedicated her son to the Lord, as she had promised. These Bible verses about a woman of good character tell us that God cares about the condition of our hearts. The examples of David and Hannah demonstrate what it means to have a heart turned to the Lord and the godliness that .

When we have a heart solely focused on God, we embody the qualities of a godly woman. At its root, being godly is emulating and imitating God. When we imitate God in our actions, decisions, behaviors, and livelihoods, then we naturally use our lives to glorify God. The way Jesus lived his life shows us what it means to be godly in the world. How to love your neighbor, love your enemy, and love your brother and sisters in Christ. Jesus is kind and compassionate to the needy and sick. He is gracious and merciful, dying for us though He was without sin. He is loving and patient with us though we stray.

The qualities of a godly woman are the same: kind, compassionate, faithful, generous, loving, gracious, merciful, patient. By emulating our creator and savior, we live godly lives that point others back to Christ. The qualities of a godly woman are also spelled out in scripture in more action-oriented ways in Proverbs 31, one of the most famous scriptures about godly women. This passage is full of Bible verses about a woman of good character and the qualities of a godly woman.

In the 21 latter verses of this proverb, the woman of good character is very active, doing her work with purpose and conviction and taking care of her family with wisdom and godly instruction. From these bible verses, we also learn that a woman of good character is influential, able to encourage and steer others in the way that they should go with the word of God Proverbs It is the godly heart of the woman that makes her so treasured, not her outward beauty or worldly success.

In Proverbs 31, the author King Lemuel writes that above all, a woman of good character is a God fearing woman Proverbs She knows who God is and more importantly, that she falls short of the perfect standard. Tainted by sin and neither holy nor righteous, she knows that she needs Jesus in order to dwell and abide with God. Her fear of the Lord manifests as reverence and respect for God. Because of that, she lives a life of gratitude and wants to use her life to give God the glory He deserves.

In the first chapter of Proverbs, Solomon writes that the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord. He continues to drive that point home in Proverbs and the other books that he wrote. Given everything that God says concerning women, the power of a woman in the Bible is clear. We are treasured, valuable pieces of the body of Christ. God invites us into his family through Jesus Christ. He wants to transform us, our lives, and our hearts so that we reflect Him.

As we strive to become more like Christ and live for Him, the transformation starts at the heart. When Jesus is at the center of our heart, it affects our character, changes our values, and shifts our behaviors. No wonder so many Bible verses about a woman of good character concern the heart. Our heart, filled with the gospel of Jesus, allows us to be women of God.

These Bible verses about being a woman of God show us what that looks like in daily life. No list of Bible verses about a woman of good character would be complete without a mention of humility. Throughout the Bible, God speaks about the importance of humility. In His actions, He raises the humble and brings low the haughty. Wisdom is another character trait of a woman of God. More than just knowledge, wisdom is understanding how to apply knowledge. Beauty and self-worth are biblical topics particularly important to women, but certainly relevant to men as well.

But before addressing Bible verses about beauty and self-worth, I first want to focus on self-worth. Our self-worth is rooted in our identities, and for Christians, that identity is in Christ. By the gospel, we know that we were bought at the highest price—the life of Jesus Christ—so that he could reconcile us to God and invite us into the family of God. That being said, the Bible verses below about self-worth talk about how we are treasured woman of God. Not only do we belong to Him, but we are also loved and cared for by Him.

Our identity and self-worth is in our identity as children of God. Lastly, we come to Bible verses about the beauty of a woman. For me, I must always approach this after affirming my identity as a chosen, loved child of God through Christ Jesus see bible verses about self-worth above.

However, God is also my creator, and He speaks to the beauty of a woman and in how He created us. Our physical beauty comes from God. We were made in his likeness and created by Him. This is why some Bible verses about a woman of good character focus on the beauty in our hearts. Above all, God wants the attention of our hearts. It is the beauty of our hearts that is everlasting, and our hearts turned toward God make all the difference in our lives. When we turn toward God, we thrive in His love and strength, but when we turn away, we feel lost and unworthy.

Time and time again, the power of a woman in the Bible comes from the condition of her heart. In these Bible verses about women of good character, we see a transformation of the heart through faith and fear of the Lord. Continue to grow into a godly woman with books from DaySpring, written especially for women of faith:.

As a final encouragement, here are the Bible verses that mean the most to me as a young woman. Of these 42 bible verses about a woman of good character, if I had to pick favorites, here are the Bible verses that I think every young woman should know in no particular order. Use this list of Bible verses to uplift and encourage you or make a list of your own! No matter what, turn your heart toward the Lord in whatever battle you are facing.

Good bible verses for woman

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Bible Verses for Women