Go go boy show bangkok

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Forum Rules. Register or or lost password? to Your . Remember Me? Main site gallery. Quick :. List of forums. Gay Thailand. Gay Cambodia. Gay Vietnam. Gay World. Everything Else. Thread: Need advice about Go Go boy bars in Bangkok. July 1st, , 1. Which are the best bars and which are the ones to stay away from in your opinion? How about the drink prices? What are the off fees? Glad to have any input and thank you so much in advance for your help. Similar Thre: Shopping advice requested, bangkok Advice for Pattaya and Bangkok Advice about first trip to Bangkok Coming from the hinterland and need advice about Bangkok Bangkok hotel advice.

Reply With Quote. July 7th, , 2. Here in short: Drink price between and , off-fee between and , short time starting from and long time starting from This information is from friends and from the forums, as I haven't participated for years, I stay away from all of them and go to Pattaya instead. Even with travel and accommodation expenses, bar hopping with the aim of offing boys is cheaper than in Bangkok, and in addition I like the attitude in Pattaya better and I'm in holiday mode in Pattaya staying in hotel, whereas in Bangkok I would bring boys back to the room I stay in longtime.

July 7th, , 3. Re: Need advice about Go Go boy bars in Bangkok. Originally Posted by homeseeker. July 10th, , 4. Re: Need advice about Go Go boy bars in Bangkok Gerefan did not specify if Dreamboys is recommended or to stay away from. I have blacklisted all Jupiter bars for not catering to my taste of boys. I have blacklisted Classic boys for not having my taste of boys the bar I visited most in the last few years, by invitation of a Farang friend, but I haven't seen anything I like in there.

Screwboys I can even recommend my type of boys , if it were Pattaya prices and attitudes, I would be a regular there. I occasionally between 2 and 5 times per year go to Super A; nearby Golden Cock is not my style boys fully dressed and Nature Boy of boys is usually too low to warrant purchasing a drink.

July 10th, , 5. I have always parted company with you about boys dressed in the host bars. I'm fine with that, In the old days of Saphan Kwai all my favs were host, however, I'm confused about boy type. As I recall Classic boys was pure twink, I mean really small twinks, Jupiter, on the other hand, were rather striking masculine models. I'm also with you about screw boy,etc.

I exempt Scorpian as I will drop by just to give it "the old college try" one more time. July 10th, , 6. July 10th, , 7. Re: Need advice about Go Go boy bars in Bangkok This is faulous news for me and in the eighties GC was a gogo with boys in briefs on a small stage in front of the sofas. Is the fishtank still there? July 10th, , 8. Originally Posted by paborn. July 11th, , 9. Re: Need advice about Go Go boy bars in Bangkok No, note "the fishtank" as in a tank of tropical fish in the bar area. July 11th, , Tags for this Thread bangkok , bars , boy , drink , gay , pattaya , silom , thailand , tip.

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Go go boy show bangkok

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