Girlfriend chooses friends over me

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Just re-read your own comment. You're stating he's an adult, and in that same sentence saying: ''Children these days Girl's Behavior. However, I have noticed a trend that my girlfriend will at times put friends or other people before me, and then claim to me "I always want to be with you and spend time with you" How do I read this, what should I make of this. For example she's seeing a male friend this weekend to see an art gallery, on the only day we have been able to spend together fully for over a week. Share Facebook.

My girlfriend chooses her friends over me? Add Opinion. Cryostatic opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. Um, no. That's called a "date". Either I'm going with her, or she's not going, or we're not going to be together any longer. If you haven't met this guy, tell her "So, when do I get to meet this friend of yours?

If she gets vehement about you being controlling etc, then she's probably cheating on you. If he's really just a friend, then she'll want you guys to meet and get along, and she'd want you there with her, but she might just be thinking that you'd hate going to an art gallery.

I mean, this is the only day we've got to spend together for over a week, and you make plans with somebody else? When I met my girlfriend, we spent a ton of time together. Her friends one in particular started complaining that she never hung out anymore. So she started inviting her along. I had to talk to her about it. And yes, I had to discuss it with her a couple of times before things started getting better, but they did, and we figured out a way to balance our alone time. She probably doesn't even realize that she's doing it, because you're so passive about it.

You need to be more assertive with what you want. My advice is you'll love her and accept her the way she is or the little will eat away at you to the piibt that one day you will lose it and leave Things will really not sit well with you then I know exactly how you feel! I'm going through this exact same thing with my boyfriend and it is so frustrating, I feel like I am always choosing him over other people because I would prefer to be with him, but he's happy to keep making plans with other people.

I feel like if I keep mentioning it I'm being clingy and getting the balance right between giving them space and not letting them take you for granted is really hard. I think if she is taking your only day together to spend it with someone else that's really unfair on you, she should want to be with you and as her boyfriend you should be priority. If she saw you every day then a day or two away from each other makes sense but I think you should tell her you feel less important than her friends and as her boyfriend she should be with you especially when you don't get to spend much time together.

If she doesn't seem bothered, I think you should find somebody else that would appreciate you much more. Everyone should have a healthy balance of spending time with their ificant other and their friends. Who would you have if your ificant other left? It's good to spend time with the girlfriend, but you need to give each other space sometimes. This creates balance too.

Well then hang out with your friends or make some. And show her how much fun you having she will come around because you not paying attention to her. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Should it bother me like it is bothering me right now?

My Girlfriend chooses her friends over me. What should I do? Why do people always say to choose friends over ificant others? Why did he say he will choose his friends and break up with me, out of nowhere? Sort Girls First Guys First. Seems like she's trying to throw you under the bus by calling you needy. Honestly I guess she needs her time with her friends just like you do, they'll still be around if she isnt. ShaeNielson 1K opinions shared on Girl's Behavior topic. You are a pretty toxic person to be in a relationship with. She is not supposed to lose her friends, just because she has a boyfriend.

Prafulverma Xper 2. Hi it's same in my case too. It's my suggestion that just focus upon Career only.. And leave her alone then only she will understand your value. SilentForce Xper 3. Xper 7. Your and you still haven't figured out that girls just see guys as a walking atm machine Related myTakes. Why I think attractive woman are statistically more faithful than unattractive ones.

What I think it means to love your Heavenly Father. Regarding "Why do people have a problem with transgenders"? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Girlfriend chooses friends over me

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