Free kittens in tuscaloosa alabama

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The influx of kitten births this season has left animal shelters overwhelmed with the copious of new residents in their facilities. Stray kittens are being found everywhere. While kitten season is mostly due to the warm weather, the of stray cats in Tuscaloosa County is also a contributing factor. At TMAS specifically, the greatest problem they are experiencing lies with the neo-natal kittens that still need to be bottle-fed. We provide them with all the stuff they need. We also pay for all the medical expenses. It can get pretty costly. Our goal is to get them into a foster home with experienced people who can care for them.

While kitten season may be overwhelming for the volunteers at TMAS, once people discover an influx of cute kittens, there seems to be no problem in getting them adopted. During kitten season, TMAS relies heavily on donations from the community, so if you are looking for a new fur-ever friend, check out the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter right meow! Jenna Murray Published: April 23, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Get our free mobile app. LOOK: 30 fascinating facts about sleep in the animal kingdom.

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Free kittens in tuscaloosa alabama

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Shelter Overwhelmed as Kitten Season Commences