Florence italy massage

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Give a massage treatment voucher and share with your nearest and dearest the extraordinary experiences of total wellness. The Wellness Centre is located in a nineteenth-century building in the heart of Florence, in a fascinating and charming setting. Thai massage uses the techniques of fingers- and palm-pressure to rebalance the energy flows of the body, eliminating stress and tensions. A technique that combines the benefits of essential oils with the manual techniques of Thai massage for an amazing relaxing effect. The use of special aromatic plant extracts helps release the accumulated stress, relieving pain in the muscles and ts.

Foot reflexology is a technique that acts on reflex zones and stimulates specific points of the foot for a feeling of total well-being. Fights cellulite by improving blood circulation and promoting oxygenation of the skin, which becomes more supple and toned.

When engaged in sporting activities, our body is subjected to continuous and sometimes excessive efforts, which lead pain in the muscles and ts, as well as an overall feeling Only those who suffer from continuous headache know how truly disabling it can be, how any activities of one's daily life, even the most simple ones, becomes complex and All you have to do is relax Immerse yourself in a unique and friendly atmosphere of pure Thai tradition!

Our massages Ancient techniques for the wellbeing of body and mind. Thai Massage Center. The reviews on Trip Advisor Read the opinions of those who are already our customer. I recommend it to everyone. Extremely charming, fantastic atmosphere and wonderful feeling after trying the massage. Professional and friendly staff, excellent quality-price ratio.

This massage centre is lovely! A peaceful atmosphere and very friendly staff. The massages are wonderful and the girls who have massaged me with their hands are very sweet and very powerful. Latest articles from the Blog Useful information, tips and advice on the ancient techniques of Thai massage. Thai massage for athletes. Combat headache with Thai foot reflexology.

Florence italy massage

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