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Information found on this includes: An Introduction , Firefox notes , Customizations of Firefox and some specific extensions Launchy , CopyURL Plus , Invoking Notepad , Extensions with short descriptions for my choices, accessing an additional home by changing the throbber. Headings on this web have a slight color tint: h2 h3 h4 ; an on hover : h2 h3 h4. These notes should save you time finding materials to run Firefox like you want it.

Most of the browser features and shortcuts are the same in any browser, so using or switching to Firefox should not be a problem. This includes everything needed to install Firefox and describes most of the customizations I've made on my system including descriptions of over extensions on this which I've used and am currently using about 87 of them in Fx 4. The beauty is that many people have written code to enhance Firefox, and you can pick and choose what is suitable for your own usage.

Customization you will not find here are: RSS feeds , Themes, music, audio, visual. Nor will I get involved with those lists of why others might prefer Firefox. Firefox: The latest version is Firefox 4. Upcoming future , and Current supported Release Dates. The main difference people used to experience with Firefox was Firefox has tabs, today all browsers have tabs, but Firefox remains the most user customizable browser.

Firefox after Internet Explorer intro Firefox web browser, my notes on setting up and customizing Firefox with selected extensions after having used Internet Explorer. Have been using Internet Explorer for several years, and wanted to have more flexibility using Mozilla Firefox which offers more robust bookmarklets IE limited size , better Ad Blocking project to block banner and block popups.

The initial frustration with Firefox was not being able to easily get into an editor like Notepad see Notepad link below , and in not being able to copy the link and title to paste into source as an href anchor see Copyurl Plus , and Multiple Tab Handler below. Something probably unique to my site is the on use of Right Click menus in Firefox , which are properly called Context Menus because the menu changes depending on where you right-click.

Solution: see Change the width of the searchbar pixels and is self adjusting in userChrome. Why anyone would want to install an extension to do the same thing is beyond me -- incidentally the search bar will expand automatically in Firefox 2. The search bar that comes with Firefox has a drop down that can easily be customized to add additional or delete uninstall search engines Mycroft. Do not bother with the Googlebar extension, it is not needed, and the Mycroft customized search engine additions provide far more flexibility. For a picture of my actual search drop down , or see a different example.

The Throbber can be changed to address additional home s with up to four s with the " Throbber Button " extension. Location Bar Use icons without text on most toolbars. New Tab button comes with Firefox, but is enhanced with Drag and Drop extension which has been built-in since Firefox 1. At the right end I have Open a New Tab to facilitate use of Drag to Tab , and the Launchy icon as a time saver alternative to having to use a secondary menu within the context menu. Plug-ins: Firefox list of popular plugins — For a more complete list see bottom of that , and check specifically for your system.

Be careful where you obtain plug-ins from -- the s listed on that would be the right places to use. Java Plug-in -- Most users should be at Java 6 for more information see automatic update warning to check out your Java plug-in Important!!!

To find what plug-ins are installed type about:plugins into the location bar. This is what I have for my actual listing for about:plugins you can check the date I created file by looking at the directory that the Plug-ins. Change plug-ins location: gemal.

Themes themes As mentioned at the beginning, I'm not into themes, but you can see what themes you have with Tools, Themes and you can obtain theme add-ons at Themes: Firefox add-ons or you can build your own search engine for themes see Some suggested customization patterns are included for blogging, HTML, plain text for , and other uses have been provided. There are 3 built-in menu items that you may or may not see depending on what is selected, and whether you RightClick on a link or not. Forward slashes in display represent new line.

There is no check when presenting the additions that you have a selection or that the cursor is on a link. The following code goes into the launchy. Before adding anything to launchy. Even though Windows Explorer should work as File Explorers type 6 from options, I had to add it to browsers type 1 for it to work for me to look at directories and to verify an extension is opening in it's default opened bug Although not shown I did find value in also adding NOTEPAD to extensions type 1 so that you can get to notepad from a link, not recommended for others because a fragment-id would mess up direct usage.

In the case of Open Link there actually is no need for the additional XML definition, though I personally like it as a choice with the browsers even if duplicated. A link to a. Within their group the items are alphabetical.

To help create a Launchy entry use file search to find the directory, if you have a problem it could be you have more than one, or you can't simply use something like frontpg. If you have installed IrfanView and have. If the is coded with older wingding and webdings, you will have to use Internet Explorer possibly an older version , and if you are the author of the document, update to using unicode.

This problem may affect use of barcodes as well, you will have to check barcode documentation to find out how to include your fonts. Getting "unresponsive script errors" on context "view source" have increased dom. DOM is busted Fx2 also happens in safe-mode see Launchy , provides for notepad see notes above and in extension table below. If not on your local drive Notepad brings up a temporary copy, which is easily identified at the title bar. JSView Add-on , allows you to open the source code of any web in a new tab or in an external editor. Each individual file can then be viewed by clicking on the filename from various menus.

Though Firefox is now my default browser, I had continued with IE as the default just in case it made a difference, as it does on the Microsoft update sites. Was perfectly happy that Firefox was invoked from links in Outlook Express which was all that really mattered to me — perhaps because Firefox was installed later.

Columns in the directory not normally seen in a default Windows directory have been included via View, Choose Columns. The Comments column is used by Excel. You might choose different or additional columns for other directories. Directions to make Firefox your default browser. Also see Major Problems topic near end of this web .

about Customizing Mozilla Find your profile profile Important!!! Material on hidden files and on finding your profile has been moved to Finding Profile, and Asing a "profile:" keyword shortcut, and a "chrome:" keyword shortcut. Create a Windows shortcut as well for your profile directory quicklaunch Important!!! Continued You can check customizations by typing about:config also on the location bar. Specific Customizations also see Firefox notes , above, and see Firefox 1. You can copy the following files example- user. Customizing your Firefox with add-ons , some documentation with lo of pictures for novice users, currently in initial development by Mozilla Support Planning.

Where to get extensions where Firefox Extensions addons. Has Popular and newest . On the Extensions there is a search form, use the form for any search then on the there is a "Show Options" to the right of the search form which can be used to specify your own defaults for a search, which you can use to create a search engine Create an engine for the searchbar to search for the Extensions by right clicking within the search form with all default options.

In order to accomplish this you will need to install the Add to Search Bar extension. Extension Room extensionroom. Currently shows extensions but not that are shown are available in Firefox 1. You can see them there all at once. Topics on the mozdev. The latest versions are often on the author's own web s: particularly when a new version of Firefox comes out.

The authors websites, if available, have been included in the table below. Install this as a keyword shortcut : ext: search extensions -- add-ons extensionroom add the ext: shortcut to the properties. If you can't find a Firefox extension, you might still find a bookmarklet or favelet with bmk: search bookmarklet OR favelet add a keyword shortcut kws.

A very large collection of bookmarklets described on the kws. If you want to double-check for additional extensions after you have installed extension first from mozilla. You can also look at the FAQ and other topics from the left side frame for some orientation on projects and extensions from the developers code writers perspective.

Late modifications: Just because I disable or eliminate an extension does not mean it was a bad extension. I have very limited RAM memory and too much swapping, if an extension has lots of features takes a lot of overhead and I only want one feature, it will probably get removed, and may be reinstalled on a bigger machine.

Some ideas of what others feel are important for extensions. May check these again from time to time, but I've installed those I really need, and avoid those that might be somewhat nice but are large. Of 54 currently enabled extension, only 14 of those are over 34KB installation size. To allow software to be installed you must have: Tools, options, Web Features left side in earlier versions or Content top in Firefox 1.

I think there may be no more need to turn off this option as Firefox 1. The first time you attempt to install an Extension from a site you will get the above warning , to proceed, click on the Edit Option , then inside on Allow , then reselect the extension to be installed, and it should then install. Do not install an extension you are suspicious of, most extensions you will ever use are from the one of the four locations listed earlier. I specifically will not install the Google Toolbar extension as the built-in searchbar is much better and is Customizable. Below is a list of Firefox Extensions I have installed and still use most of them.

Most of these extensions are invoked from the Context Menu , see Firefox Right Click menus for the original built-in Firefox Context menus plus some of the additional menus items added by my own selection of Firefox Extensions. Some extensions are installed in the tools menu, and some have optional toolbar buttons.

Unless you are an extension developer or an advanced user, you should probably not be trying to use multiple profiles. Extensions can be invoked in many different ways so I have tried to identify where you invoke them from, such as from the right-click context menu , Tools menu, Edit menu, View menu, and even the History menu Go menu.

Options are usually set in the Extension list Tools, Add-ons, select ext, options , but some are in the menus just mentioned. A count of the table rows, can be found at the bottom of the table. Besides not getting a relative age of an addon, expect this will harm renaming and language usage. Be sure to check the all important Developer's comments that were intended to be seen and the link to the developer's home under " Advanced Details " at the bottom of the addons and use the " expand " link found there.

Firefox thumbnail expander

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