Fat women Evans Georgia

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The entire look of your face can be renewed with procedures that add volume and fullness to the lips. With lip augmentation and enhancement from our Augusta and Evans, Georgia-area facial plastic surgeon, you can achieve more contoured, sensual-appearing lips quickly and effectively. In women, full lips are a of beauty and youth. Thin lips may be present in youth or may appear as part of aging. These are injected to produce a fuller lip with the aid of regional anesthesia administered through nerve blocks.

Lip augmentation procedures take very little time to perform, and the are often extraordinary, giving the entire face a whole new aesthetic balance. Chen, M. Fat transfer, which is also referred to as fat injections , uses fat from another area of your body to add volume to the lips. Fat is harvested by liposuction using specially deed atraumatic cannulas from the area in the lower abdomen using a very small incision hidden in the belly button. The fat is then treated to remove any non-living or damaged fat cells. The remaining fat is then placed into injection syringes and placed into the lip in very small increments to give the transferred fat the best chance of survival.

Patients may require more than one transfer to achieve the desired augmentation. Fat transfer can also be used to plump up other areas of the face and fill in lines and wrinkles, producing a more youthful aesthetic balance. The principle that skin may be advanced forward when a V-shaped incision is closed to form a Y-shaped closure can be exploited to create a fuller lip. Using the V-to-Y-plasty principle, the red lip tissue can be advanced from the portion of the lip that is inside of the mouth outward. All incisions are hidden so that they are not visible after healing.

Often, the V-to-Y-plasty lip augmentation is combined with fat transfer to create the fullest-appearing lip. SMAS lip enhancement from our Evans, Georgia facial plastic surgeon is ideal for patients who would like to combine lip augmentation with a facelift.

This is the layer that is lifted during a facelift or neck lift. The excess SMAS that is trimmed during the facelift may be placed, through very small incisions, hidden at the corners of the mouth to increase the size of the lips. Please contact our lip augmentation staff serving Augusta and surrounding areas with any questions you have.

In more severe cases, virtually no pink lip may be visible. In these situations, a lip lift may be a more appropriate procedure. During the lip lift, some of the skin of the upper lip or lower lip just above or below the pink lip margin is removed and the pink lip is advanced upward or downward. Lipstick is usually not necessary at two months after surgery, as the area tends to heal very well. This procedure can be performed with or without sedation.

Lip augmentation and enhancement from our Augusta and Evans, Georgia facial plastic surgeon can be an excellent complement to other procedures such as rhinoplasty , mid-facelift , and facial enhancement with implants. A combination of these procedures can provide you with better overall aesthetic balance of facial features and result in a more complete makeover. Lips may be enhanced with implants. Surgisil PermaLip implants are the implant of choice for Dr. Achih H. The Surgisil PermaLip implant is a soft implant that can be placed under local anesthesia through very small incisions to the inside corners of the mouth.

There is very little downtime and the are immediate. Depending on the type of lip augmentation you receive, are typically immediate with little to no downtime after the procedure. Chen will discuss all aspects of the lip augmentation procedure with you, including details on recovery, at your initial consultation. Sometimes even the most subtle differences in facial features can provide a rejuvenated appearance and a whole new aesthetic appearance. Lip augmentation and enhancement at our Augusta and Evans, Georgia-area practice is an effective way of adding volume to the lips and establishing a more youthful, sensuous look for the face.

Please contact our cosmetic surgery center for more information on this popular aesthetic enhancement option.

Fat women Evans Georgia

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