Erotic strip club stories

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A couple of simple things have stood out to me, before meeting me she had never watched porn, never visited a sex shop and never even visited a strip club! I put it in my mind that we are gonna at least stretch her wings and go to a strip club together little did I know that our little outing would also lead to satisfying one of her other fantasies too. So my girlfriend and I were having a fantasy conversation one night while lying in bed and I told her we should go to a strip club this weekend…..

We live in an metropolitan area that has a lot of strip clubs, some kinda seedy places, and others which are more high class. Having been to a few myself I pretty much knew where to take her, but I asked a few of the guys at work for any new ones or anything else they might know and they gave me a couple more to think about…in fact they mentioned one that has completely private VIP rooms!! I put that one on the top of my list thinking it might be the best place to get my girlfriend a lap dance, without her feeling too embarrassed or self conscious.

Friday night came along and my girlfriend and I were both home from work by 4pm. I was thinking about the fun we would have tonight, the whole way home, getting hard just thinking about it. I got home and started to get undressed to take a shower and just as I am doing so my girlfriend was just getting out of the shower…. She has a gorgeous set of full B-cup tits with large suckable nipples and an ass to die for all very nicely put together. Just love to hold onto those hips while I fuck her from behind.

What a view!!! Real women have curves! I was already excited and then I saw the way she looked getting out of the shower and I was rock hard now. My girlfriend noticed and asked if that was for her or for the dancers tonight? I said for both!! She got down on her knees and took my shaft in her hand and began licking it up and down while she was stroking me. She is a very oral woman…I just love it. She started fucking my cock with her mouth and hand at the same time, really trying to milk me!

She must have really wanted to drink some cum. She started playing with my balls with her other hand, and is now really slobbering all over my cock, working it in and out of her skillful mouth, she would take it out and lick all the precum from the tip now and then, love to see that tongue licking it all up. She reached further back with her other hand and she started rubbing my asshole, which drove me wild, now switching between jerking me and sucking me, trying to make me cum, she loves to let me see it squirt onto her tongue as she swallows it up. She knows she almost has me, she opens her mouth and puts her tongue out waiting for it while she continues her jerking and rubbing, that sight is all I needed as I feel the build up and start squirting hot cum into her waiting mouth and getting some on her lips, which is quickly dripping down her chin, oh so hot!!

She took her finger and rescued the cum dripping down her chin so with her finger she slid it right back into her waiting mouth. She looked up at me with those sex craved eyes, she licked her lips and stood up and with a sexy smile on her face she kissed me. After that fun I got in the shower and cleaned up and got dressed for the night.

I was dressed is a dark button down shirt and a pair of dress slacks perfect attire for a high class club. Looking good and feeling good after that awesome blow job. I looked toward her and my jaw hit the floor. She really took sexy to another level this time. She wore a shiny burgundy colored corset as her top, her tits were almost spilling out to the point that if you were right next to her you could see the tops of her nipples, and a form fitting black cigarette skirt that accentuated her sexy full figured ass and sexy black stockings with some damn sexy high heels.

So off we went. The club we went to was called The Penthouse Club. It was a classy place with valet parking, a dinner menu, very sophisticated. We entered through their large brass covered doors into the lobby, everything inside was set up very luxuriously. My girlfriend was so nervous she could barely get her I.

As we entered the main room, music was pumping, the usual throbbing sexual club music you hear at most strip clubs, there was a large stage in the middle with 2 brass poles and brass railings all around beyond the railings there was a counter and chairs that sat right up to the stage and tables and chairs all around the room. There was a busty blond on stage dancing and the usual individual ladies walking around working the floor.

Not too many people there yet because it was a little early, which is how i wanted it so my girlfriend could get settled in before it got more crowded and rowdy. She brought our drinks back to us and we ordered a small meal. The ladies working the floor left us alone while we were eating, but our waitress was very attentive and we ordered a second round of drinks. We finished our meal and my girlfriend turned her chair sideways to the table so she could get a better view to watch the lovely ladies on stage. There was a dark haired, dark skinned beauty on stage, small little tits and a great ass.

She was working the whole stage, working from pole to pole, bending over seductively and showing off her goods to the men around the stage. Just then my girlfriend turned her head and noticed 2 ladies coming through the entrance, not there to dance, but to watch the ladies dance. They were together with no men.

She leaned to me and asked if women come in alone very often like that. More common was women and their man. Since then a few more ladies have come in but with their men. We have had a couple of dancers come up to us and chat for a second or two but mostly giving their attention to me, this did not seem to bother my girlfriend, but she also didnt seem interested in any of them. She was enjoying watching the dancers and would nudge me every once in a while when she saw something she liked.

At one point this super sexy blond dancer came on stage, very natural looking, real tits and sweet ass, not too thin, not too muscular, just naturally sexy. My girlfriend was sitting on the edge of her seat like a puppy waiting for a treat!!

She really nudged me when this one came up and pointed toward the seats at the stage, I just smiled and took her by the hand and we moved up. I gave her sme ones as the dancers routine began. She watched intently as the dancer moved to the music, she also began moving in her chair to the music, she got the dancers attention by waving some ones in the air, the dancer came over and crawled across the brass bar and straight up to my girlfriends face, she whispered something in my girlfriends ear and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek, the dancer then stuck her tits in my girlfriends face and my girlfriend gave her a kiss on her left breast.

The dancer backed away and sat back on her heels so my girlfriend could see her sexy panties covering her pretty little pussy, my girlfriend reached out with some ones and put them in her waist band. The dancer moved on to some of the other clientele and kept making her rounds throughout the song.

My girlfriend noticed the other 2 ladies who came in together moved up to the stage now as well. They also lured the dancer over with the same routine that my girlfriend used. They each had some fun with the dancer, giving and getting a couple little kisses and stuffing some ones in her panties and her bra. My girlfriend exchanged knowing glances with the 2 ladies and they all continued to watch, mesmerized by the dancer.

The second song started and the dancer began to strip down, first her bra, which she unsnapped expertly and teased everyone before exposing her nipples to us. As she danced some more, she would tease by pulling aside her panties for a peek at her neatly trimmed pussy which was glistening with sweat and pussy juice, soon she pulled her panties off as well and showed us all her sweet spot from several positions, I especially liked it when she bent over and exposed her pretty little pucker hole and her pussy at the same time.

The second song ended and the dancer made her rounds and thanked everyone at the stage as she collected her money and she went back to the dressing room to freshen up. My girlfriend and I returned to our original seats. A short time later the 2 ladies who were together earlier came over and introduced themselves and asked if they could us. We both were feeling rather jovial by then and agreed. It turns out these 2 ladies are in town for a convention for their jobs and are out tonight blowing off some steam, in our conversation they said they have both gone to other strip clubs in their hometown and rather enjoy looking at the ladies.

I ordered another round of drinks for all of us and we watched some more dancers. My girlfriend and these ladies seemed to be getting along really well. Now and then one of the ladies working the floor would come up and chat with them for a few, offer them a lap dance and the girls would say no, however they all still got very excited when their favorite blond dancer would come around again for a turn on stage. They would all move up to the stage and give her tip after tip, I had to give my girl some more ones just to keep her in the game. The dancer led all 4 of us down a hallway and into a dimly lit room with a half round leather couch in it, she had me sit down first and Jennifer to my left and my girlfriend to my right and Sherry to her right.

She gave us the price and said since there is 4 of us she would give us around a total of 6 songs worth of dances so she could get around to everyone, we all dished out our money to her and she began when the next song started. She started with a sexy dance in the middle of the room for all of us to see, she even pulled her panties to the side and let us peek at her sweet pussy again not sure if she was allowed to, but she did it anyway even in the dimly lit room you could see she was very excited, the very pronounced aroused pussy lips, which were clearly wet and her hard love button on top.

She continued to move around and dance for us, she made a quick visit to each of us and gave us all a kiss on the cheek and a brush of her long blond hair, her scent was amazing. She would turn around and back her beautiful ass into me and sorta jerk my cock with her ass cheeks, amazing. As my song was finishing she leaned in and said thanks and kissed me on the cheek. Next she moved to Jennifer who was to my right, she started out the same way, however she did not make Jennifer sit on her hands, must have been just a man thing.

Jennifer sat back and let this sexy lady do her thing. Jennifer was wearing dress slacks and a loose fitting low cut blouse which accentuated her tits.

Erotic strip club stories

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