Dating gazelle frame

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This Royal Dutch Gazelle website uses cookies for example to improve and analyze the website, for social media and to ensure that you see relevant . To learn more about cookies, click on Learn more. When you click on Accept, you authorize Royal Dutch Gazelle to use the cookies as set for our website. Gazelle granny bikes are still part of the Gazelle range today. These bikes bear the names Classic and Tour Populair. We are familiar with the nostalgic granny bike with a black frame, but Gazelle has expanded the range with cheerful colours and striking patterns. This bike is available in frame sizes 51 and 57, and with 1 or 3-speed gears.

Something for everyone. Gazelle granny bikes comprise all the traditional authentic granny bike features. These bikes are strong, robust and feature a sturdy frame. This curve in the down tube makes it easy to get on the bike! The recognisable varnished fabric over the chain case protects the chain against dirt and dress guard enables you to use the luggage carrier safely. And the rock-hard coating of paint on the granny bike frame can take the odd knock. The traditional coaster brake is supplemented by an up-to-date drum brake, which you operate by hand with the lever on the handlebars.

The kick stand has been improved and hardly prone to wear at all now. Leather handlebar grips and the retro saddle give you added comfort while cycling. The luggage carrier on the granny bike is strong and dependable. Its attachment to the bike frame makes it simple to carry a bag with shopping or your sports kit bag! A of models are fitted with a kick stand, a traditional icon of the granny bike. This stand has been vastly improved over the past few years. Clever construction means this stand is hardly prone to wear at all now.

You will have no problem parking your granny bike wherever you like. A fuss-free front light. The dynamo is built into the hub and is many times lighter than its predecessor. You will hardly notice the dynamo working on the go. The rear light is battery powered. The benefit of this is that there is no vulnerable wiring needed between the hub dynamo and the rear light. The shape and height of the handlebars combined with the shape of the frame provide a natural sitting position.

Back straight, chest out; you will be cycling proudly on your up-to-date Gazelle granny bike. The new granny bikes are fitted with both a coaster brake and a drum brake. You operate the latter using lever on the handlebars. The straight down tube is matched with a markedly curved top tube. A strut provides a link between the down tube and top tube, ensuring a strong and dependable frame. The chain case is also a traditional component: finished in varnished fabric. The varnished fabric protects the chain on your granny bike from dirt and water. Cookie settings. Compare Close Print comparison E-mail comparison.

Or monthly from. Only show differences. We have shared the compare items. Granny bikes. Gazelle granny bikes Gazelle granny bikes are still part of the Gazelle range today. There is always a granny bike to suit your personal style and look. What makes a Gazelle granny bike so special? Gazelle granny bikes combine reliable features with a fresh up-to-date look!

Robust luggage carrier The luggage carrier on the granny bike is strong and dependable. Handlebar and coaster brake A fuss-free front light. Compare bikes.

Dating gazelle frame

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