Dating an ex boyfriends brother

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I mean, let's be real: The last thing someone needs is an ex-boyfriend of girlfriend hooking up with a sibling. A Reddit user recently started a thread asking members to share their experiences of marrying the brother or sister of an ex, and one poor guy's horrific story stood out from the rest. The user, who goes by TaylorSchwiftyAMA , told a story about his brother marrying his ex-girlfriend, and the ending will make you cringe.

He explains how his ex-girlfriend loves his family so much she decided to stick around and date his brother. The baffled guy explained his brother and ex-GF had and named their kid after him. Luckily, his family isn't too affected by the messy marriage. In fact, the Reddit user claimed his wife doesn't even care too much that his sister-in-law is his ex-girlfriend. It might be hard to believe, but the other stories about inter-family relationships on the Reddit thread are just as crazy.

He claimed his dad was dating his mom's sister because she was the "second best" choice before ending up with his mother. Eventually, they broke up, and his mother ended up dating and marrying him. Apparently, his mom and aunt laugh about it now. Citations: Reddit. By Amanda Fama. Relationships can get sticky when exes keep mingling with your family members. That's pretty ruthless, if you ask me. Search Close.

Dating an ex boyfriends brother

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Guy's Story Of Ex Marrying His Brother Goes Viral Over Traumatizing Twist Ending