Dating a pretty boy

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Just think of it as an ego booster :. Share Facebook. Girls, what do you think of "pretty boys"? Add Opinion. RationalLioness Guru. And there is nothing unfortunate about it. Many women love pretty guys. Meowgoesthecat Xper 4. Love them , hate them only because I'd wish to look like them :PDude you should be happy about it!

I Think pretty boys are one of those guys that can attract both genders. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, do you prefer rugged or pretty boy handsome? Pretty boy - Average - Masculine? Is dressing like a pretty boy a bad or a good thing, girls? Girls- would you date a pretty boy? What Girls Said 7. Most girls find them appealing i mean look at twilight , and most pretty boys just grow up to become hot men.

So don't feel bad about it, as long as your confident you can always get a girl. Nice to look at and dream about but in the end i dont give a crap if he is a pretty boy or a tough lookin guy. But i mean i am into a layed back, cute guy. Doesn't have to be super hot. Just be funny and protective and genuine. I don't like them at all they are stuck up and afraid to get their hands dirty like breaking a nail.

Their haircuts and body define their masculinity. HoneySweetLips Xper 2. The ones I know are stuck up BumbleDeev Yoda. I find them hotter than the manly guys. Related myTakes. What I believe is necessary for happiness - bible talk. I fear for my country! Regarding "Why do people have a problem with transgenders"? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Dating a pretty boy

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