Dating a non catholic girl

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Sometimes, the potential dating pool can feel pretty small. It might seem like the obvious solution for single Catholics is to widen the criteria. Some consider dating non-Catholics. This can be decent strategy. The path to living out your faith fully in the future might be found most simply by dating a Catholic. Some non-Catholics legitimately hate the church. They might think that Catholics are idolaters, bigots, or any of other terrible things. Needless to say, dating a non-Catholic who thinks along these lines is going to be pretty difficult.

Discerning a sacramental marriage with them may be close to impossible. Then, there are other non-Catholics who see that the Catholic faith is a rich, beautiful religion. Thinking of dating a non-Catholic? Otherwise, they would be Catholic! What would marriage preparation look like with this person? How would it be to discern the sacrament of marriage with them?

Even more problematic are the subtleties of Catholic moral teaching. For instance, does this person agree with your views on pornography? A large portion of our society views porn usage as a-okay, but we as Catholics know that it is morally wrong to use it. They might not agree with every doctrinal teaching of Catholicism, or line up with the Catholic Church when it comes to things like canon law. But if they are on board with the basic moral teachings that you yourself plan to live out for the rest of your life, then a lasting relationship with them might work out great. You may not be ready to get married right here, right now.

But there are also a lot of non-Catholics that would not be on board with issues that are important for marrying each other. After all, this person may not be your boyfriend or girlfriend yet. Finding someone who has the potential to have a lasting relationship with us can be difficult. Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom to the apostles and their successors, meaning they can make rules for us as Catholics, for our good. That means that when the church makes rules, God underwrites them. What are their attitudes towards your faith?

Are their moral values consistent with yours? Would a holy marriage be possible with a non-Catholic? Be careful! Recent Posts. Thinking About Relocating for Love? Answer These 7 Questions First.

Dating a non catholic girl

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