Compatibility between virgo man and cancer woman

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Every once in a while, you come across zodiac s that seem to be made for each other. And that would be the effect of the Virgo man and Cancer woman couple. With so many things in common, this is perhaps one of the most compatible duos that exists. And that is saying a lot, as it is not always easy to find someone you can along with that well. All the Cancer woman needs to do is be herself — it is that simple.

The Virgo man already loves her for her original, authentic ways. She needs put on no pretense or act for him. While Virgo can find a good sexual relationship with Taurus or Sagittarius, it is with a Cancer partner that they will find the most freedom. They trust each other in bed, and out of bed. He wants to be able to fully trust in the woman he partners with. He wants to feel safe enough to be emotionally vulnerable with her, while he also wants her to respect him and his choices, which comes naturally for both parties.

In the long run, the Virgo man wants a woman he can trust and grow old with. This automatically presents the idea of nurturing, giving and receiving. Both elements feed each other what they need for survival, and work within nature in a well balanced way. If, for some reason, they do not match up perfectly here or there, they can compensate for that lack with everything else they are compatible in.

And while their mutual interests are not always the same, they are more than willing to give the other one their space. There is no "I own you, you must do what I say" edge to the relationship. There is respect for the difference , and support for what they have in common.

The Virgo man will instantly feel attracted to the Cancer woman, as she is pure mystery to him — and he loves a good mystery! She will find in him raw potential and a streak of creativity that she will be just dying to work with. Because the two of them are such heady lovers, they requires trust and intimacy. They are not into this for the cheap thrills, though they certainly do not turn them down, either. They are both capable of breaking down emotional barriers and reaching new levels of sexual intimacy.

Emotions are what tie them together, and that is what makes the sex good. Both s respect themselves, and value their lives; they are not up for games or people who will take advantage of them. This creates a radar within them that allows them to weed through those who would hurt them and, in each other, they find the perfect, devoted partner.

The compatibility between Virgo and Cancer is based on honesty and agreement. They respect the decisions of the other, even if they conflict with their own. Virgo is still the most analytical, and perhaps judgmental, there is, so much of the Virgo man's life analysis is based on perfectionism.

While this can raise the level a little too high, the Virgo man, upon meeting and knowing the Cancer woman, finds that he can be open around her, and that means to change as well. She is naturally expressive; her emotions are always worn on her sleeve , plain as day, and this openness is something the Virgo man easily adapts to and learns from. When they disagree, it is done in respect; there are no crazed flare-ups in this relationship.

It is a romance that is based on respecting the emotions and feelings of others. They do not dive in to a relationship with the intention of cheating or lying; in fact, loyalty, monogamy and sexual devotion is at the heart of this match. They trust each other because they trust themselves. They do not believe in stringing the other along; they both tell the truth to each other and they expect nothing less in return.

This relationship relies upon emotion and action, more than it does words, so communication is more of a subtle thing; they believe in coming through, rather than talking about it. Talk is cheap to both parties, especially to Cancer; however, when the Virgo man and the Cancer woman get together, they find brilliant ways to express themselves that are not restricted to verbal communications. They can read each other's body language.

And when they do speak to other, it is with honesty and respect, and with Cancer's imagination , the two of them can experience magical new worlds, as Cancer is the leader here, or, rather, the Muse. This is a coupling that will, no doubt, start off sexual and mature over time into something beautiful and amazing. The Virgo man and Cancer woman are the kind of couple with the potential for longevity from the moment they first meet.

If one of them feels down, the other is there to listen and to help, and vice versa. There is nothing about the relationship that feels like a chore. They are both actively interested in what the other has to say, and they show up for the romance, every single day. Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.

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Compatibility between virgo man and cancer woman

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Virgo Man and Cancer Woman