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Today is twin day in CSS! At lunch, our real twins were called up to the stage for a presentation. Esti and Malki, our parent trap twins, did a dance. Right before Shabbat, the Simcha Spa opened once again. Elana got her hair half up, and Bethany got an up-do. Other campers got their makeup done or massages. Then, our beautiful campers took some pre-Shabbat pictures in preparation for another beautiful Shabbat at Camp Simcha Special!

Once upon a time there was a camp where all princesses could go to have the very best summer that they could imagine. On July 8, , all the princesses at CSS dressed up in their tiaras and ball gowns for a magical day. In the first activity of the day, the youngest princesses got to play a game called princess power. Winners won a variety of prizes including princess puzzles, scrunchies, stickers, and jewelry.

Though bowling is not exactly a royal-like activity, the princesses enjoyed the experience nonetheless. The princesses danced and sang until they were exhausted, at which point it was time for the three princesses of CSS: Princess Emily, Princess Nechama, and Princess Rivky to perform.

Emily wrote a speech saying that though CSS is undoubtably the best camp for princesses in the world, if she were to be elected princess of CSS, she would have a transport limousine for each bunk and breakfast in bed. Nechama composed a beautiful poem detailing why she should be elected princess of CSS. The younger princesses especially liked how the rooms were decorated to look like a farm, though some could not understand why there were stuffed animal he on the walls.

On behalf of all the princesses of CSS, we would like to publicly thank the Silbers for our infirmary. The play was phenomenal! The princesses capped off their night with a fireworks show in the field at CSS. After a long night, the princesses headed off to their royal bunkhouses to get some sleep in preparation for another exciting day at the one and only camp for princesses in Glen Spey….

Good morning Camp Simcha Special! There are zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and cobwebs. At lunch today, we had a screaming competition between Samara and Mara to see who could do the best spooky house shriek. There were no winners because everyone was just too excited that our hearing was still intact. We also called up a couple of campers who got blindfolded and had to guess what they were feeling inside of a bowl. Rivky got ketchup and Chaya got cottage cheese.

A little later in the day we got to see some division he and counselors in their zombie best perform their rendition of thriller! For night activity, we had a one man circus by Michael Dubov. We were really impressed with his juggling skills and Rachel W. Then, Rachel L. When Michael pulled her card out of his mouth, Rachel was impressed, but she decided not to take it back. Then, Chumie and Krak were called up and Michael tried to guess what word they were thinking of.

For the finale, Mr. Dubov juggled machetes on a tightrope. After a most entertaining show, our campers headed to their bunkhouses to rest up for whatever CSS will bring us tomorrow. Have a great night! Get out your autograph books; this place is swarming with superstars! The paparazzi is blinding as their flashes click in front of our eyes.

Campers are as always getting red carpet treatment. Welcome to Simchallywood! Today marked the first day of intensive workshops, in which our two oldest divisions got to choose from a range of activities that they would like to master. For the rest of this week, our campers will concentrate on those skills so that they could become professionals by the time they leave camp. The workshops include drums, keyboard, first aid, embroidery, ceramics, and drama.

Emily chose embroidery because it is a skill that she never tried before. She really enjoys it and is working on making a towel. Ziva chose drama because she is a talented actress and singer. She was given the role of Snow White. After lunch, we had a show by Improv in the social hall. Girls got called up from the audience to help competing actors in an improv acting competition! Lea got interviewed and told the camp that she is a professional dancer.

Libby pretended to be a bumblebee tuna. After the show, our actresses began to prepare for the talent show. And let me just tell you that Simcha has most definitely got Talent! There were way too many amazing acts to get into, but here were a couple: Katie played guitar while Rachel sang, Gavriela and Stephanie sang solos, Franny, Rebecca, and Sarah sang a trio, Mara showed us an amazing charcoal painting, Samara showed us how to scream really loud and then sang us a solo, Ahuva and Shaindy did some gymnastics, and Ashira walked for us.

You have to see this stuff to believe it. So I will stop here…. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. The date today is July 4, Yes, you read that right Today in CSS we went back in time. We had colonial waitresses serving us an outdoor breakfast. Campers and counselors were dressed in bonnets and long dresses. We even had an old fashioned fair complete with pie making, spinning wheels, and soap making! Our week started off once again with a ballet class for our early risers. Breakfast today was quite a treat!

Our waitresses dressed up in their 18th century garb and served us porridge. After pottery, mosaics, swim, leather, ropes course, boating, baking and scrap-booking, it was time for lunch. After the professional singing from our campers, we had some other professionals sing for us: Eli and Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner! As usual, staff and campers rocked, jumped, twisted, and spun to the music making our second concert at CSS another huge success! After our concert we travelled back in time yet again to experience a colonial fair. Campers were able to choose from a variety of booths including candle-making, candy apple-baking, basket weaving, wood carving, pail engraving, pie making, sewing, and soap making!

Some campers even got to learn how to pump water by hand which is a skill that everyone in the 21st century really should know. In addition to the fair, we had a petting zoo come to our basketball field! We had horseback riding and a monkey show. We were also able to look at and touch, for those of us who wanted to… turtles, rabbits and snakes. Rachel held the rabbits and Elana ran around with the snake. After dinner, campers and counselors were able to dress up in old fashioned outfits and our professional photographers took pictures of them set against a vintage background.

Then, we headed to the gym for our night activity. Our nurses had to carry eggs across the gym. The nurses at CSS are so precise, accurate, and talented that they had to do it three times until any of them got out! They were quite a sight to see! After the competition, we had a lantern tour around CSS while our guide told us stories about the olden days. Imagine if you were a superhero. At lunch today, our campers showed off their superpowers.

Bailu lifted a noodle with her super strength. Malky did a split. Shterna did a pretzel. Other campers played the piano and sang songs. Melanie cut a white string that somehow never became even. Rivky and Samantha drew on a kerchief and their drawing miraculously appeared in an apple core. Libby performed a trick with a ring, and Bethany did a magic trick with a coloring book. Right before Shabbat, the Simcha Spa opened and our campers were able to get their hair, nails, or makeup done. Now all our gorgeously made up campers and counselors are eagerly awaiting the Shabbat meal tonight.

Have a good Shabbat! Imagine if you lived in the wild west. There would be cowboys and indians. Sheriffs and shotguns. Horses and bonfires. In CSS we had all that and more. Even the horses! When we entered the dining room this morning, we thought we were on the set of a western. We had a saloon, a bank, a jail, and even a wanted . By swimming, Bethany, Alexis, and Lea passed the deep water test- congratulations!

After our morning activities, some divisions went horseback riding! Then, campers took turns trying to throw a lasso around a stuffed horse. Sterna almost got it! Then, the camp sang happy birthday to Molly and Samara. Happy birthday from the whole CSS family! For night activity tonight we had square dancing! Our CSS dancers as usual rocked the dance floor. So I was partially right about the chocolate night activity. Right after dinner, Willy Wonka called up the three girls who found golden tickets today for a bubble-gum blowing competition! Shira blew the biggest bubble and won a set of Disney Princess dolls.

A camper from each division was called up to hold a plate of whipped cream and chocolate chips. The DH that got the most chocolate chips out of the whipped cream with her mouth by the time the music stopped won a prize for her whole division.

I think that Chumie won but no one really knows because after about three minutes it all ended in a food fight! The perfect end to chocolate day! After our Willy Wonka games, we headed to the social hall where twin acrobats all the way from France performed an amazing show with some outrageous stunts! Jennifer said that it was a great show, but she was afraid that the acrobats would fall off their stilts.

Camp bar leather night tonight

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