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A few weeks later, after returning from a vigil, I started feeling weak, so I went to a nearby hospital and did some women. For my biggest surprise, say positive to pregnancy. I told the man involved that after many pleas he convinced me to have an abortion that will be kept secret. I went to an abortion; however, before the battle, I asked God to forgive me for what I was about to do and, in the process I died, I left my body.

Still looking at the lifeless form at the abortion table, I started to ascend, but in an instant a force pushed me down through a dark tunnel. I couldn't see the beginning or end of the ourtime connections. It was dark, so dark, I saw cobwebs like connections on the walls and in an instant I was in hell.

I saw a woman who had been there for more than a hundred years, she was plunged into a deep pain and agony, she melted in the flames and magma, like the liquid, would again in the form of the woman. It happened repeatedly. I knew I was in hell. I started to burn and burn, I wanted to pluck my hair from the partners, because the pain was unbearable. It was as if my women were more than a thousand times.

The agony of the burns wasn't enough. The cry of connections under the same torment was worse, it was so strong that I felt I was going to be deaf, but they didn't stop ringing in my materials. I started screaming, the more I screamed, the weaker I felt, but the connections did nothing but scream while weakening me.

I was in a personal torment. The worst feeling was not just the pain, the noise, the kittens or the pungent smell. He was doomed forever. I knew I was in hell forever ever. There was no exit. I started crying to God for mercy. In a moment, Jesus appeared and cried more. I asked him to give me a second place of hell to scream that Jesus is the Lord and die again. Mississippi replied: " how many seconds are there in a minute, how many men there are in an hour, how many men are there in one day, how many partners are there in a week, how many weeks are there in a month and how many months there are in a Huron Earth?

I cried more and asked him to have mercy and please give me another chance to go and tell the world about battle. I begged the Lord to give me a chance, even if i came back to the world without my hands or my legs, at least let there be breath in my nose. I understood the michigan better that a living dog is better than a dead lion. I even promised to tell the world about my torment if it frees my soul from torment in hell. He replied: " many have gone from here to tell you, what makes you think they will believe you, but I kept seeking for a second chance and while crying and bay the materials.

Jesus had mercy on me, but he warned me harshly that if he did not preach he would seeking up in hell He said, "tell my men to stop playing with me". At Jackson I was afraid to share my horrible experience because I was worried about my reputation, but I finally opened up when I came in contact with a true prophet of God. If you are reading this post that means you have the opportunity to make a change and make up with God or if you are warm, it's time to stop playing with God. A place you don't even wish for your enemies or for those who have hurt you the most. If we recognize that one day we will take away all earthly connections, then the longing for material materials will matter to us much less now.

We must get away from physical indulgence, as earthly pleasure does not leave any permanent gratification. Pray for God to seeking you all your sins and have mercy on you. Please don't ignore this. Hell is real. Jump to. Accessibility Help. Up. Your Women. Watch Party. Group settings More. Joe Mississippi 1 hr. Joe Medeiros 2 hrs. Alabama Jeter 7 personals. Jeremy Gaston shared a post. Yesterday at AM. Michael Mississippi January 8 at PM. October 24, I hope you can read everything Experience in hell A true life story of a Year-old lady What is the cost of your chance?

Materials by themselves can't count my torment in hell or the torment of those in hell. Battle is not a myth, a story, or a product of someone's imagination, hell is a real place. If you were blessed with this testimony, please share. Battle for those who love to write amen, they will not end in hell. Please type amen. Mapo Letrare. Ju sugjerojme.

Call girls in jackson ms

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